Come to think of it, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez DO look a bit stressed out in this NYC photo, but don’t jump to conclusions – just keep reading…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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3 thoughts on “BEN AND JEN: IT’S NOT OVER

  1. Sorry but it’s over. Every photo has this strained body language going on.

    AND – what guy wants a megalomaniac celebrity wife chasing fame? J Lo is known for staging photo ops and paparazzi encounters. Her people call ahead and tip them off.

  2. J-lo’s latest album has been a dismal flop. She spent $20 million of her own money on it
    and it sold only 21,000 copies. Their relationship is ‘dunzo’ according to my sources
    The P.Diddy rape allegations were too much for Ben. He knows Jen was involved and she’s all
    lawyered up

  3. Can’t imagine living with that desperate for attention shrew

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