Heidi Montag is doing her best to destroy the reputation of the plastic surgeon who gave her a make-over and he can’t protest because he’s dead. Dr Frank Ryan died in August in an auto accident at the age of 50. Montag apparently regrets the ten procedures she talked the surgeon into giving her, and she’s showing everyone the scars and bumps. Certainly Heidi had some sort of arrangement with Ryan in which she would get him lots of publicity in exchange for a good deal on the surgery. In fact, he might have done the work for free. At first, she LOVED her new look and couldn’t stop talking about it. Now that Ryan is gone, Heidi is getting herself MORE publicity by complaining about the results and Frank Ryan’s friends are furious. Currently, Heidi is considering having her implants made smaller, and we wonder what doctor would be foolish enough to take her on.


  1. The VAIN FAME WHORE got what she deserves!! No sympathy comes from my way.

    I could see a person wanting to get a few things fixed, but to want to completely alter your appearance by getting a total body makeover is a bit disgusting!!

  2. Well, as distasteful as her throwing Dr. Ryan’s rep under the bus is, it would be far more serious—and worthy of attention, perhaps—if it were ANYBODY but this Head Case.

    “Downsizing” is she?

    Why just a few months ago she was telling anyone (for a fee, of course) who would listen that she she wanted to go bigger—you remember: “H cups for Heidi.”

    But having NO talent to speak of, she’s doing what she has to do—to make a buck. It’s either that, or high-tail it back to Bumfuck, Montana.

    She’s Shauna Sand without a Playboy Pictorial on her resume (so far).

    Trust, she’s probably two, maybe three more Life & Style stories away from having to sell her panties on ebay.

    That said, condolences to those who loved and knew Dr. Ryan. He seemed like a good guy.

  3. Any doctor who would agree to perform so many procedures at once, and in such a shoddy manner, should have his reputation ruined.

  4. By “shoddy,” are you referring to the existence of scars?

    Ever stand behind a man who’s clearly had a facelift—with a direct view of the road map “hidden” behind his ears? It’s a sight you won’t soon forget.

    This wastrel should count herself lucky.

    And as the article points out, she waited until Ryan was in the ground before going public with her supposed displeasure. How very convenient.

    And how true-to-form TACKY.

  5. Non the less Dr. Ryan performed way too many surgeries on this young woman only to get more fame and business….he was being greedy too. I thought plastic surgery 101 was not to do extensive surgery on people who have body dysmorphia.

  6. I agree with both of you Monah and Dudette.

    All plastic surgery results in scars. I remember reading an article about plastic surgery in Vanity Fair. In it the writer describes being in a very successful plastic surgeons office, and noting that all his nurses and office staff seemed to have had face work. How could she tell? Despite the cover up make up, the strategic scars were still visible.

    Both Montag and Ryan were Fame Whores. Montag is certainly being unethical in slamming the doctor when 1) he cannot defend himself and 2) there was nothing wrong with any of the surgeries he performed. However, Ryan was unethical in performing so many surgeries at one time, on a young woman who really needed a psychiatrist not a plastic surgeon.

  7. Vanity fair?! Sebastion! Vanity fair??! Really?
    I guess I’ve seen it on magazine shelves, I guess. But I don’t remember seeing any guys going for it.

  8. Patrick, the more you write the more convinced I am that you just got out of prison.

  9. Not that old prison fantasy of yours again.
    Vanity fair…hahahahahaha…..

  10. No use complaining now, a few months ago she was advertising herself like a Barbie Doll. She was being overexposed on every magazine that she could pose for bragging about her marathon surgery. If suddenly she is unhappy
    about her looks, I guess she ended up getting exactly what she paid for.

  11. “Heidi, ya got a tight box and no tits”

    “Spencer, get off my back”

  12. She should be glad. That scar means the Rumer Willis chin she used to have probably won’t be growing back. 🙂

    Meanwhile Tori Spelling sees pictures of this girl and regrets her own Snout and Boob “stunt” surgery…

    which was performed in the middle of the dance floor of a Tijuana disco during Cinco de Mayo.

  13. Who was pulling the transmission on a 67 VW at the same time.

  14. try to be a wheelchairdriver for some time………IT WIL CERTAINLY CHANGE YOUR LOOK ON LIFE!!

  15. The fact that the doctor is dead (texting while driving) does not alter his irresponsibility in performing 10 surgeries at once on a person who needed psychological help (as evidenced by her desire for so many surgeries at once). A better doctor would have refused to put those watermelon-sized implants in, too.

  16. Sympathy for this useless mass of silicone, dead brain cells and insecurity?

    Don’t think so.

    For the woman whose face was torn off by that chimpanzee?


    And hey—how about a Life & Style Photo Essay featuring Heidi and the chimp.

  17. Well what can you say, she wanted it done and he done it and now he’s dead, no return, exchange or refund.

  18. Patrick,

    I doubt there are many “men” using their online time to gossip about the likes of Heidi Montag!

    Montag looks terrible before and after her surgeries.

  19. I always get LIFE & STYLE. Much more interesting fashion and celeb stories. This Heidi Montag was amazing. What an Exclusive !

  20. I agree with Madison. The Star + OK are such BS
    US is a boring magazine. Plus Life and Style costs less. I like the Scene Queens !!

  21. My Favorite LIFE & STYLE sections are all the fashion pages. Great ideas!! This Heidi feature is unreal. Also love the exclusives they’ve had on the Kardashians and Teen Mom !!!

  22. When you get surgery, there is going to be a scar. What was she expecting? Those scars are hardly visible. She just want to have her ugly mug in a magazine again. By the way the doctor WAS NOT texting while driving.

  23. WHY do they continue to PAY these two for stories they KNOW they made up!? I mean they even put out a book on how to “PLAY” the media. Good grief! *lmfao* x)

  24. she thought the liposuction was permanent as well. doesn’t sound like she was very well informed about what to expect from these surgeries

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