Dr Drew doesn’t have a high success rate with his addicted patients on Celebrity Rehab, but that’s the nature of the beast. Only time will tell, but it seems he might have succeeded with Jason Wahler. Lauren Conrad’s ex boyfriend on “The Hills” (who sometimes bears a striking resemblance to Colin Farrell) had six alcohol related arrests up until last June. Season 4 of Rehab is still airing, but Wahler says he’s cleaned up his act. He was “scared straight” when he realized he was drinking as much as a fifty year old alcoholic. Rooming with Jason Davis was another revelation. Wahler figured out what he DIDN’T want to do with his life. He says he’s moved back to Orange County and started skateboarding and surfing again. His family’s in the business, so he’s getting a real estate license. Good start.


  1. How did the skateboarding world ever get along without this talent-free asshole to represent?

  2. That dude is close to 30 and his choice is round the clock drunk or skateboarding?

  3. just one of the many UN EVOLVED masses in that town… not even sad, just
    horrific these ‘things’ even GET PRESS of ANY KIND.
    time to leave this planet…..

  4. Not a clue who this guy is?
    But he still gets to skateboard at 30 AND be a pisstank?!

  5. Uhm…there is a problem with antecedents here. Only knowledge of Jason Davis causes one to assume HE is not the Jason who has started skateboarding and surfing. Gummy Bear on a skateboard or surfboard is a horrifying image at best.

  6. dr drew lost all credibility with me a long time ago.

    there are two SEPARATE areas of the pasadena recovery center. why won’t the cameras hang out there? ask the residents of the ‘other’ side to comment on dr drew.

    drew knew that celeb rehab and it’s pathetic spin offs were about over, so now this p.o.s. is headed to HLN with his own show.

    A&E’s intervention is hands down the best when it comes to addicts. the show also does not film the addicts while they are in treatment.

  7. I think you need Dr. Drew if you think this guy looks anything like Colin Farrell lol

  8. So, um, Janet…seen any good movies lately?

    (And yes, thank you, we’re all feeling Springtime Fresh since you have allowed this CERTIFIED DOUCHE to remain at the top of your site.)

  9. I for one am proud that he has come to the right path in his life. I think encouragement would be in better order here. It is bad enough that he will soon find out that this is the way people will think. They will hold on to the past, waiting for a slip. And he will be thinking (soon enough) “That was 25 years ago!”. I hope he has learned that it just doesn’t matter what you think but how he thinks. Good luck to him.

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