It looks like Tom Selleck’s “Blue Bloods” is going to be around for awhile so we feel free to talk about his mustache. We’ve had enough of that Magnum P.I. mustache. Tom Selleck has always been a big, good looking guy, but why does he hide behind that 70’s facial hair? It’s like a woman who has the same hairdo for decades. Afraid of change? Now Selleck has a job playing a cop – probably the only job on earth (except for Mexican drug kings) where the guys are still sporting manly mustaches. We won’t shut up until he shaves it off.



  1. Now, Janet—there is nothing wrong with a pussy tickler—as long as it’s neatly trimmed. 🙂

  2. I remember when he shaved it off before, he was nowhere near as handsome. I say leave it on!

  3. Agreed, Palermo.

    Post a picture of Tom at his peak during the “Magnum” years.

    The resulting sound of panties dropping will be deafening.

  4. Facial hair on a man is generally used to hide a character defect.

  5. He looked great without the mo in Private Ryan. Very 1970’s with it.
    Say, Sebastion, ever tell ya about the time Tom tried to spoon me in a greasy Puerto Escondido donkey show joint?

  6. Patrick, no doubt there is someone surfing the net who stumbles upon this site, and is excited by your masturbation fantasies. It sure ain’t me.

    Btw, I would think the donkey would be more your style…and spooning would be way too tame.

  7. Janet, it appears you’re in the minority here. I vote that the moustache stays. Why play with perfection.

  8. Tom Selleck has had periods of time where he hasn’t had facial hair. Frankly, I much prefer him with the moustache. He’ll always be a heart-throb in my book!!!

  9. I think he peaked during his stint on Friends. And he did have his moustache then, and does look better with it.

    Cox and Selleck made a great on-screen couple. I wonder if anyone every proposed a sitcom for the pair of them. It would be great to see him guest on Cougar Town.

  10. Tom Selleck still has a huge fanbase, most of the women I know swoon over him LOL. I always loved his hairy chest, can’t stand the way guys today always have to wax

  11. I think women can swoon over Tom, and men can admire him, is because he is an old-fashioned guy. And that is, in part because of his hairiness and leathery-macho face.

    We can be glad Selleck has been a working actor over the last 30 plus years, but HE would have been much better of if he had been born 50 or 60 years earlier — he would have had a massive career if he had been a contemporary of Rock Hudson and James Garner, or Cary Grant and Clark Gable.

  12. He looks fantastic with the mustache. Nothing wrong with his facial hair. Always neat and trimmed. Leave the man alone. I think it’s time you mind your own business about his facial hair. 🙂

  13. Ryan Reynolds may have been chosen as this year’s Sexiest Man Alive, but Tom Selleck comes closer to that title than Ryan does.

  14. Tom looks like a “manly man” with his mustache! Leave him alone Janet!

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