SO happy to learn that Taylor Swift agrees with me when it comes to men with facial hair. In fact she wants her tight end boyfriend, Travis Kelce, to take it all off – his facial hair, that is. As everybody knows, Taylor is having a lot of fun with the muscular jock, but his bristly mustache is irritating her sensitive skin. (back in the day, we called it “whisker burn”) Their romance is way too new for Taylor to be placing demands on Travis, but she’s dropping subtle hints that this lip sweater has got to go! Our source says don’t be surprised if you soon see a clean shaven Travis…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. He should actually leave the moustache and grow a beard after all that is what Taylor and Travis are for each other. Just as Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers before them. The jig is up folks. We’re not buying it anymore.

  2. This relationship is as ‘real’ as Nicole and Keith being a couple lol

  3. Love how women want their men to shave down like a lady. Nope, sorry. Shave your legs if you want but leave us out of your hairless existence ladies.

    If you want smooth date another female.

  4. Just who does that over rated skank think she is. We all know that after a few weeks this will be history, and she will write a new “song” about it, and she will move on to the next sucker. Personally I suspect that she maybe prefers the ladies, since none of her romances amount to anything

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