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Trouble in paradise for The Hills’ Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. She just found out that her boyfriend Spencer ‘s been pocketing a lot of money – at HER expense. Heidi has been aware that for the last six months Spencer’s been tipping off paparazzi when they’re going someplace special. She figured it was good PR for their TV show. But recently she inadvertently learned that Spencer has been splitting the profits with the photographers. When the exclusive pictures sell, HE gets half the money. He’s probably made close to $100,000 from one Hollywood photo agency and he never gave Heidi a dime! She’s NOT happy.


  1. Who ARE these nobodies, and why would ANYONE pay 100K for a picture of either one of them?
    Are there no real celebrities left?

  2. Why are they worth the time and or energy? No one cares or believes about this fake relationship

  3. ………….come on.
    call it what you want, but you know what??
    It really is what it is.
    Spencer is a playa for life, and deep down inside homegirl already knows.
    Watch the drama unfold, cause the games have begun….

  4. Haha! Yeah, wasting his time with that ugly bimbo won’t be put on his tab.

  5. i don’t believe this story for one second!!!! It doesnt take rocket science to figure out that if she was aware of the staged photos that money would change hands. This is merely a half baked story and a desperate attempt to stay relevant. And why would she care about free press for the show. Last i checked the show is Laurens. They need to go away.

  6. baked story or not hollywood is full of corrupt decayed bimbos.

  7. They are total f-ing idiots.So friggin phony they deserve eachother.

  8. They are total f-ing idiots.So friggin phony they deserve eachother.

  9. Lovely looking couple. I hope thet are waiting before marriage to have intercourse.

  10. I wouldn’t pay 2 cents for anything remotlely about these two.

  11. My name is Heidi. I’m younger and hotter than Britney. I, like Britney, always go for the wrong guys. Can someone help me before my show gets cancelled? Thanks! I love you guys!

  12. Is she really that stupid? To me, she seems to have been taken advantage of by that gay man. You know that is is the chief slurper at the glory hole when his is not with her. Games over Spencer, you are Queen for a day!

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