Badmouthing her deceased plastic surgeon Dr Frank Ryan is not enough for Heidi Montag. Now she’s planning to sue his estate for “negligence.” Exactly what kind of deal Ryan made with Heidi for her procedures and resulting mutual publicity is not known. When Ryan was alive, she loved and defended his work, but when he died something changed, along with her mood. Suddenly she was VERY unhappy with her looks. Ryan’s family won’t be happy to hear that she probably has a good case against him.


  1. did she not have to sign papers giving her permission for the surgery to be done? if so I don’t see what “negligence” occurred.

  2. His malpractice insurance should cover any professional liability.

    Meanwhile, the WORLD wishes Dr. Ryan had used exploding implants on this patient.

  3. And given her a “Groucho” nose complete with horn-rimmed glasses and mustache.

  4. Gold digging, self-centered, wanna-be-Barbie!!!

    She does not desrve one red cent!!

  5. Heidi and Spencer are like cockroaches… you kill ’em and 100 more appear. You block one entry and they find a new way in.. (to the spotlight) They cannot be stopped, and I’m beginning to believe this “Speidi” shit will NEVER end.

    At least now it will be known, once and for all– whether or not her extensive/expensive “10 cosmetic procedures” were done free and gratis as has been speculated since the day of her big “reveal”.

    Clearly Heidi and Dr. Ryan had some sort of “arrangement”, as diclosed by the release of their text and email messages wherein, among other things, he requested she make an appearance at his houseparty– wearing an outfit from his new line of active wear…

    Not that it makes any diff if there was in fact any malpractice… but if she’s truly set on suing his estate, everything and MORE will be revealed in court.

  6. Did someone offend Sebastian or is he taking a much needed break from his throne?

    HEIDI MONTAG is only bitter because she thought Hollywood would be beating down her door after her Metamorphosis……little did she know they would “turn the other cheek” so speak. hahaha!!

  7. Muffin Top, back in the Pam Anderson post someone ripped on Sebastion. Wasn’t me. And it wasn’t nice. But he should let it slide.
    That Heidi skank epitomizes all that is wrong with celebrity.

  8. Heidi is hooked on “plastic” surgery. She is now going through withdrawal because the one surgeon who tried to perform a miracle on her, turned her into a storefront mannequin. If she was not happy with her looks before Dr. Ryan’s tragic accident, she had plenty of time to complain. After her surgery marathon she was proudly showing off on magazine covers. I knew when she and that no-brained Scarecrow that she is married to claimed to go on their “honeymoon” a few months ago after their fake marriage, that when they came out of hibernation they would come back strong with a new scandal that no one cares about. Heidi and Spencer are professional has-beens.

  9. Wasn’t she one of the vocal mourners of his?
    Blame everyone butt yourself. Sad sacks, they both are.

  10. Patrick I would be surprised if SC was offended by that dribble in Pam Anderson post – it was weak and childish. And contrary to what that person wrote, they have demonstrated how low an IQ they possess – but they would be to dumb/full of themself to see this.

    SC is most likely on holiday somewhere… in any event looking forward to his return.

  11. she just forgot to as for a Money Back Garantee.

  12. Heidi and Spencer are desperate for any kind of publicity–good, bad or ugly, they’ll take it. She’s thrilled with the results. Like someone said above, they’re not going away.

  13. Heidi Montag needs to go away and shut up forever. She is a disgrace. Her entire life is waste and this is what she does to deal with her own extremely faulty decisions? Lambaste and rain dishonor and grief onto a dead man……who aided and assisted her? This is what this piece of trash does? Someone needs to EJECT this woman from the public eye. Now, please. Where is her mother?

  14. What plastic surgery?

    My eyes are drawn to that wide huge masculine chinny-chin-chin. What can be done about that?

  15. ^^^^ You should have seen the chin she was working with before surgery! This is an improvement.

    Besides, it can take quite a while for all the swelling in the tissues to subside and take their final form.

    Case in point: Tori Spelling’s surgeon (Manuel Torrego of Tijuana) advised her that it could be up to 40 YEARS before her new nose and breastages lock into place. She’s got her fingers crossed. And so do we! 🙂

  16. hopefully she will get ‘whacked’ REAL soooooon….

  17. Casonia Logenberry...Hells kitchen Tommy please speak up more!Elisa was trying to throw you under the Bus with the Beef Wellingtons and you really layed into her and..I Really like that action from you? Elisa you claim you never make the same mistake twic says:

    This girl needs to stop with the plastic stuff and start liking herself for herself and…I think she is Beautiful and needs no more work and..She has talked about having children and is it better to get more work done before having children? Or get massive work done and then have children? But if she does the work before having children she is just wasteing more money. When I saw the show..It seems like her life is full of Drama and Sadness and..I felt sorry for her in some ways and money does not mean joy..It seems like she suffers in so many ways and she is very depressed about issues that are around her life?

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