Poor Heather Locklear. Anxiety and depression seem to be ruling her life for the past few years. Her frightened sister just called 911 because Heather, 50, had mixed alcohol and prescription drugs and she was taken to the hospital. In 2008, Heather had a suicide scare and checked into a medical facility in Arizona for 30 days to treat her “anxiety and depression,” although it seems apparent that substance abuse was involved. She had a several DUI situations after that and she and her fiancee Jack Wagner split up a few months ago. She and her exhusband Richie Sambora share custody of their teenage daughter Ava, pictured above.


  1. Geez, never saw this coming. NOT! All of us loyal JC readers saw this coming about, um, 10 posts ago! David Spade, yeah that should have set some alarm bells off!

    PS. Heather Locklear has a sister?

  2. Maybe she read jc last post on david spade and realize her life had come down to that and wanted off herself.

  3. A man who consistently makes a woman laugh is worth his weight in gold. And, if they’re both straight, double that.

  4. miss locklear has to pull herself together for her daughter’s sake.

  5. Very selfish of her to be drinking and mixing RX drugs with that when she still has a kid to raise. She needs to give custody over immediately to Richie until she’s done acting like an out of control teenager herself. reminds me of L Lohan! GEEZ! No pity here, just disgust. She was given it all and threw it all away.

  6. Now REta, judge not lest ye be judged.
    That chick has awesome responsibility in Hollywood. The fine dining, the tanning and cocktail parties. Having her mani’s and pedi’s with facials and massage…weekly.
    It’s a hard life, show some understanding and respect.

  7. She needs to grow up and straighten out her life and cut out the drinking and drugs and whatever else is going on. She’s 50 years old now-old enough to know better. She owes it to her daughter to quit acting like that. We all have anxiety or depression to some extent. She needs to get help if she can’t handle it.

  8. Just came back from an event guess who were the drunkest people at the party? Skinny chicks…nonstop dieting plus a pill or three plus gallons of booze…they bodies can’t take the abuse.

    Beware the skinny broads at cocktail parties that booze hits their system & they become aggressive then puke no wonder she’s ‘depressed’ those sorts of hangovers get old fast. Doesn’t look good for her.

  9. Very sad situation with Heather and this isn’t her first trip. Someone need to step in and do a Britney Spears thing and become a guardian for her and her child. This could end badly.

  10. The Zip makes a good point and Heather is a good example of one who is getting older and less desireable…she will become a bad addict and/or prostitute as the money dries up. Look at Victoria Principal as an example.

  11. Gasp!?!? I agree with with Rita! It is always fun an funny when a wealthy white woman or man kills themselves. They have the complexion connection and money yet still so pathetic.

    She has invested very well for her and really doesn’t need to work. Wake up, workout, lunch with friends, shopping, taking care of your kid, make a movie or a show, lounge, looking fabulous for a red carpet. Yes her life is bad please kill yourself. The next dumb Hollywood starlet please step right up.

  12. This is what happens when your whole life has been made easier by good looks. When old age hits as it always does you can’t cope any more.

  13. Palermo is correct.

    Maybe she should check in to one of those monasteries high in the mountains and get her head clear. No TV, no men, no phones, just fresh air and good thoughts. Not likely to happen 🙂

  14. This kind of thing is becoming an epidemic in this country. Sadly, Doctors giving out prescriptions for anxiety and depression like they are candy, and then the patient goes ahead and self medicate with booze or whatever else they can find. I hope someone in Heather’s life can get her to the right kind of help that will deal with her addiction to booze and pills of all sorts or she will be dead. I feel bad for her as she has always seemed like a down to earth person in spite of the fame and believe me this can happen and does happen to anyone fame or no fame. I would hate for her to end up dead before her time.

  15. Hope the best for her. She has seemed sad since she and Sambora broke up. Maybe she still loves him.

  16. She is still a hottie! Yup, it appears as though her docs have turned her into a junkie! First they brainwash those women to transform their bodies a Plastic Surgery Matrix and continue to brainwash them through the years. You upset honey? Here’s a script for downers. You over 110 pounds? Here’s another script for the Paris Hilton diet pills/ You can’t sleep? Here’s the Liz Taylor pill! Need to work all damn day? Here’s the Judy Garland/Blohan pill. Best thing for her to do is MOVE from Hell A!

  17. I’ve known her most of my life, grew up near her, and will say, she is a very nice, considerate, and well mannered person, unlike the current celebs of the day, the “reality” stars who are a bunch of arrogant, entitled asses. Heather is the type of person who will stop and help people, and generally has a pleasant, friendly demeanor. Its certainly true that she has a privileged lifestyle, but this is a classic example of money not buying you happiness. I think (don’t know, just spec) that she is unhappy becuz she has been so unlucky in love. She is very pretty in person btw, very tiny (I tower over her) and she really does have brilliant blue eyes.

  18. Pray she gets better. It is difficult living your life in the spotlight of Hollywood. She appears to be a very nice person. Hope she can turn her life around.

  19. I have always liked her, but could never figure out her taste in men. I hope she learns to deal with her issues and takes care of herself.

  20. @georgie that’s why I haven’t dissed her cause I’ve heard the same thing-that’s she’s one of the few all-round nice celebrities. Really, she needs to move to New Mexico or something.

  21. Maybe Ms. Locklear has done or is not proud of certain things in her life, and tries to deal with it by numbing the pain? There just has to be something going on, deeply within her.

    One story that comes to mind……Lisa Rina had said on a talk show that some Hollywood exec told her she had a part in an unnamed TV series, all she had to do was drop her drawers and bend over his couch and the part was hers! She declined, and not surprisly, the part went to another unnamed actress. Im not saying this happened to Heather, but this shit goes on in Hollywood, ALL of the time!!

    Just throwing it out there.

  22. Sometimes people HAVE to look at other crutches to deal with the side effects Medications can give a person.

    My advice is to get OFF the meds and go into psychotherapy until she figures out why she’s so anxious.

    Has anyone READ the SIDE EFFECTS to MEDS? They can make a person act like another person. I know, I’ve been there!

  23. I’m sorry but boo hoo. The rest of us have to work hard just to stay afloat and someone who has it all stupidly keeps screwing up. And it’s big news. She chose this career and all that goes withit(publicity,bigmoney,celebrity). Many(most) of us will never have the advantages this woman has but still have to deal with life challenges.

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