We’re guessing that Gavin Rossdale had some serious ‘splaining to do to his wife Gwen Stefani after his startling interview with Details magazine in which he finally verified his youthful affair with another man. Rumors of Gavin’s teenage fling with gender bending 80’s performer Marilyn (real name Peter Robinson) who was a close friend of Boy George, have floated for years. Marilyn insisted Gavin was “the love of my life.” (young Gavin and Marilyn both look rather girly in photo above) Boy George backed him up, and after years of dismissing the stories, Gavin has come clean. He said it was “experimental.” Immediately after giving the interview Gavin is said to have panicked and asked to have his confession removed, but the magazine refused. Gavin realized his wife didn’t know about the affair, but she certainly does now. How do you think Gwen reacted to the news?

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  1. Well OF COURSE, she knew. She either didn’t care—or didn’t care enough to keep her from marrying him.

    And the fact that she is obviously the breadwinner suggests that she would probably put up with a lot more, too.

    The “she just found out” storyline is a weak effort to prevent Gwen from looking like a mediocre Madonnawanna-be with 6-inch gums who had to buy a husband.

  2. Anonymouth yours is the best comment in this thread. Gwen does have the biggest gums in Hollywood. I have seen her face to face and she is so wrinkled and really tiny. I have read she is 5’6″ but I am 5-7 and I towered over her. She has very low self esteem you can hear it in her lyrics. Tony kanal must have really done a number on her too. Btw he is really short too I saw him in Los feliz about a decade ago and he was teeny.

  3. Hey, Village, I am certain you have your guys mixed up here. Marilyn is the one w/the five o’clock shadow, etc., but I agree, it’s an amazing photo.

  4. Reta, are you aware you said the name of Jesus. Have you rejected your atheistic views?

  5. UK papers say that Stefani did not know about his relationship with Daisy Lowe’s mother, nor about the relationship with Marilyn, and that for years he denied them to Stefani.

    Marilyn has referred to Rossdale as the love of his life. How sad to have a relationship that meant so much to you be denied by the person you thought cared about you, even to the people they are closest to.

    And I don’t believe you can have much of a relationship with someone who privately lies about their past — who’s to say they aren’t lying about their present, as well? Everyone I have ever known who lies about their past, lies about their present. Rossdale does not seem to treat people very well.

    I never thought much of Rossdale, but I think less of him now — not because he had a relationship with a man (and five years is a relationship, not an experiment) but because he is lying and cowardly.

  6. Let me add the caveat, if it is true that he didn’t tell her. I have not been privy to nor proofed the sources, so I don’t know. I can keep conditional opinions in my head without issue, and update them when I do get new information.

  7. E—Very well put. But if it’s true of Rossdale “that for years he denied them [the stories] to Stefani”…

    …doesn’t that confirm that she “knew” about Marilyn and Daisy Lowe—even though Rossdale continued to lie about them to her?

    The stories are certainly not new. Boy George wrote about Rossdale and Marilyn in the 90’s in his book, “Take It Like A Man.” Old pix of Marilyn & Gavin (including the iconic one where they are wearing white), show up in the UK press every couple of years. Gwen would have to have been awfully naive not to figure things out…

    And in the words of the character Darby Reese (played to perfection by Josh Lucas) in the excellent film “The Deep End”:

    “She’s a mother, not a moron.” 🙂

  8. Excerpts from Gwen Stefani’s forthcoming Autobiography “No Doubt About It”:

    “I want people to feel comfortable in our home—like it was their own. But I do remember this one time coming back early from Japan after the fall launch of my signature pencil cases. Dog-tired, I dragged myself and my luggage up the stairs into our bedroom, feeling like I could sleep for a week…only to find Marilyn (Grrrrrrr!) in our bed (again!), propped against my satin pillows, naked except for the sequined Scrunchy in her hair; her perfect eyebrows were cocked quizzically in my direction: “Can we help you?” she said. Gavin was in the shower. So, once gain, it was the couch for me—which I don’t usually mind—but not after flying commercial!


    “Every year on Father’s Day all these kids would just show up. To celebrate. Kids I’d never seen before. I’d ask Garvin, “Whose children are these?”

    “The neighbors’?” came his enigmatic reply.

  9. Yeah, Canada, it’s like that book that was a best seller years ago, the YaYa Sisterhood. The main character’s boyfriend was the “perfect” boyfriend: endlessly discussing feelings, clothing, etc. Gwen, if he cares that much about your hair and clothes, and feelings he’s gay and staying that way.

  10. Five years, eh?

    The data from Gavin’s “experiment” must have been extensive.

  11. Reta is strangely silent. Checking her man’s cell phone for gay numbers no doubt.

  12. Marianne, Thanks for the correction. Frankly, that makes a lot more sense.

  13. Something tells me that Reta tries to rule the roost here, but at home it’s a different story. HA!

  14. Interesting that Strom’s personality changes the same time Thunder Cat appears. Coinky dink?

  15. Wow, I never would have guessed he liked men! He’s really handsome and seems like he would cheat with lots of women. I wonder if he still wants to experiment with men? Is he undercover now? Women have a much easier time going “both ways”, but men seem to be pretty much hard wired in their preference of only women or only men. But as always there are exceptions like Mick Jagger and David Bowie, so who knows?

  16. Wow the threads on items about closeted celebs just go on and on and on. Pretty interesting comments generally.

  17. coincidence? gavin rossdale had an affair with singer marilyn (peter robinson) in the 80’s.

    marilyn, was born in jamaica, kingston jamaica.

    rossdales sons name, with gwen is kingston, bet she doesnt know thats the link to her sons name, or was he clever enough to fly her out and conceive in kingston, hehe

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