We’re guessing that Gavin Rossdale had some serious ‘splaining to do to his wife Gwen Stefani after his startling interview with Details magazine in which he finally verified his youthful affair with another man. Rumors of Gavin’s teenage fling with gender bending 80’s performer Marilyn (real name Peter Robinson) who was a close friend of Boy George, have floated for years. Marilyn insisted Gavin was “the love of my life.” (young Gavin and Marilyn both look rather girly in photo above) Boy George backed him up, and after years of dismissing the stories, Gavin has come clean. He said it was “experimental.” Immediately after giving the interview Gavin is said to have panicked and asked to have his confession removed, but the magazine refused. Gavin realized his wife didn’t know about the affair, but she certainly does now. How do you think Gwen reacted to the news?

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  1. She’ll probably be okay with it. Times have changed. I’m sure she’s not so innocent herself.

  2. Yes, the above pic DOES show him looking very “girly” and I don’t know the actual age of either of them, but they really don’t look school-aged still. I see the two in the picture as young men, not totally naive “teens”.
    HOWEVER: he “looks” manly now, and true, he could be gay, or bi, but I don’t care in any way shape or form who he has sex with (or HAD). The only person THAT should matter to is his wife and they appear to love each other. Who am I to question their lives? People grow up (sometimes) and outgrow all kinds of young misdirection. Sometime it ISN’T that, but early self-awareness. There are entirely too many people losing their lives in today’s world over the stupidest thing to be “embarrassed” over…being themselves…either being gay, or being found out.
    It’s time to accept all people as human beings, in shape, size, color, gender, sexual preferences, or handicaps. Beautiful people need to stop dying for who they are, but live fully and contribute to the world what they were meant to. Can’t DO THAT dead!

  3. This is so sad!! In my yoga class, a 70 year old woman have to accept a gay man as a boyfriend. Yet know one is talking about AIDS. There have been reports of woman over 50, 60 are now getting AIDs and being swept under the rug.

  4. How do you do your yoga with all those 50, 60, and 70 year old women that have been swept under the rug making huge body-sized lumps all over beneath it? Yeah, you’re right, that IS sad!

  5. It’s very ‘hip’ to be a homosexual these days. Gavin’s 15 minutes were up in 1995 so it’s no coincidince that he is revealing these details of his sordid past. His wife continually outshines him in the press. Once a narcissist always a narcissist.

    “If someone out there doesn’t agree with me, then somewhere a village is missing their idiot.”

  6. After the past few days of surprising marriage break-ups, I suppose anything is possible. But Gwen’s a brilliant, mature and above all, BALANCED and TOGETHER woman. I predict they’ll weather this storm.

    When it was disclosed that Gavin had fathered a then teenaged daughter “Daisy” with Brit rocker and former partner, Pearl Lowe, Gwen held her beautiful head high and rose above it. After all, Gavin didn’t cheat on her! It was years before they even met and I’m not entirely sure he even knew he’d fathered the child.

    Again, this long preceeded their relationship and of course, a homosexual dalliance COULD be more of a challenge for them… it’s long been rumored that before they married, Gwen ‘played for the other team’ earnestly, often (and with mustard and RELISH!) Unfortunately, we just don’t have the pix! lol

    Bottom line, I believe the Rossdale’s marriage is strong and they’ve got 2 beautiful boys to raise. This likely won’t even be a bump in the road that is their wonderful life. I wish them continued luck and love.

  7. what’s to explain?

    many gay men experiment in their youth before figuring out their sexuality but the same can not be true of heterosexual men?

    and hello, the aids stats are being updated even as we speak.

    many heterosexual older people have unknowing contacted ) and possibly spread) HIV because they are having unprotected sex with an infected partner.

  8. anonTwo, right straight woman having sex with a man and they don’t if he is gay. Is how older woman get AIDS.

    Reta, you don’t know anything about yoga because your comment is lame, like you. Yogis who practice yoga tend to be strong, slender and very limber.

  9. from the article I read it was intended to more white women getting that are unknowing getting aids. If it was black then the headline would just read older african american women are getting aids.

  10. I’m sure Gwen has know for years. Who cares if he dated a man when he was younger. Men and women do it all the time. Most don’t have the balls to fess up though.

    Gavin must have an album coming out or something…

  11. How did this story get from Gavin and his gay experience to yoga and older black women getting AIDS?

  12. For goodness sakes, Gwen knew about this before they were ever married.

  13. Gavin obviously has a thing for masculine bleach-blondes, and doesn’t seem to care if they are innies or outies. To each his own.

  14. Pippa-London, so agree with your comment about Gav’s 15 minutes being up. As you have pondered in another post: Why is it that washed up Brit celebs get all this attention in the States?

    The crazy thing is that people who will pounce on an item like this probably have no idea why Gav became famous – they just know him as Mr. Stefani.

  15. I wonder if women/ wife think men like gavin can turn it on and off when they want to suck a cock or get fucked? One day they are into pussy next week they want a cock in their mouth or ass and their girlfriend/wife/ reta sucking on their cock because they want a man. Society has feminize men. Earrings in the ear, am I dating a woman or man? Dressing like a women, shoving down hetro throats that they are here and queer and get used to it. Ok but stay on your side and stop wasting womens time when they really want a traditional relationship.

  16. Sounds like strom has a new moniker: “Hello” is every bit as vile as his predecessors. The hate and bashing on this site is unnecessary and only done because cowards can hide behind anonymity.

  17. hellO: you are not only illiterate, but very very low IQ as well. it was YOU who made the comment that 70 yr old women in your yoga class were being “swept under the rug.” Learn how to construct a sentence, and find out a thing or two about AIDS as well as homosexuals, both of which you obviously are still very much in the dark, most likely bound tightly in your filthy carpet smoking your own “cigar!” (Don’t suck TOO hard)!

  18. As smb said: “Once a cocksucker, always a cocksucker”. Theres no big deal about it, but its a deal if ROSSDALE is a hypocrite. Looks to me she and airhead STEFANI (beats me why she is considered talented/a singer) have a fake marriage and stay together only for the sake of their kids. The same ole’ story… Anyway MARILYN had more talent in his/her nails than STEFANI ever had.

  19. these are my favourites to be the most CREEPY COUPLE of 2010!!

  20. She is dense if she didn’t suspect it since it’s been out there for a while. However, I’d be most upset if he lied to me and told me the gossip wasn’t true, then finds out that it was true. He also needs to come clean about it being a one night stand…it was a long term affair. If you’re going to tell the truth..tell all of it.

  21. Gavin and Marilyn was well known fact.Actually they where in relationship for 5 years,so Gavin cant really say this was just an “experimenting”…hehehe!As for Gwen I know it for a fact she knew it all along.It’s about time something knocks this “perfect” family of the high horse!

  22. I wonder how Gwen will handle this,now, when Gavins secret is out of the closet.She was very upset about Daisy (Gavins illegitimate daughter).Gwen handled that one very poorly,by not letting Gavin ever see his daughter.It was me or Daisy ultimatum.Really sad.

  23. Reta, sorry, first, I do not think Hell0 is Strom. Second, though the expression of it may be offensive, I think the sentiment expressed is spot on. Actually, Hell0 may be expressing some justified anger, so…

    Reta you make this an issue of gay rights and discrimination, but can you understand that the whole Down-Low thing is on some level old fashioned male exploitation of power and control? And it just means that women are being exploited again, and in some ways far worse than ever before.

    When gay men are closeted, they can have a wife and children all wrapped up in tradition values and practices, but then they can go out and get their rocks off. And damn everyone else – wife, children, gay lovers, society – in the process. And it is the wife who suffers most. She is the sucker in this farce, may end up having to pick up all the pieces, and – most horrific of all – could end up infected with HIV/AIDS through absolutely no fault of her own.

    An oppressed group should not achieve its full rights by – excuse the expression – shafting others.

  24. If he went gay once he’ll go gay again. He probably still sees men on the side aka the down low like Travolta.

  25. Reta needs to shut her pie hole already, why is every story a chance for her to scream her politics? Go to the Huffington Post and leave the gossip for those of us that want to avoid that.

  26. Sebastian: yes I get it completely and do agree with that being WRONG. MY point is that NONE of us, the public KNOW what is being said, or brought into the light in any of these relationships, and unless and until we DO, it is up to the players to decide their lives and directions having the facts they have and what is important TO THEM.
    Live and let live is not “Reta’s politics” and I am not “screaming” but trying perhaps to be a voice of common sense in a sea of insanity. Why this guy’s past or present sex life bothers ANYONE but his wife just boggles my mind! Really, REALLY????!!!!

  27. I’ve heard this story before. I don’t think it’s anything new, and it’s probably not news to Gwen.

  28. Reta, we basically agree. Where we differ is that I like many – as you can tell – who post on this site see closeted celebs as perpetuating a culture based on the down-low, one that is having very negative effects, while you do not.

  29. The thing is, WE don’t KNOW if they are “closeted” or not, we know or don’t know jack about their lives, do we? Tabloids purport to spill the beans over and over and sometimes are correct but more often than not get things hopelessly wrong. At the expense of damaging lives and careers, and in this age of suicide as a knee-jerk reaction to unwanted exposure, I would choose to lean on the side of not exposing the individual but let them come forward IF and when they chose, if ever. For whatever reasons, it is their choice to make that decision and no one else’s.

    When young people see the viciousness with which known celebrities are raked over the coals being “outed” -it’s no wonder they see their only alternative as a bridge or rope. Does anyboy really wonder why they choose to end their pain? Enough is enough. Let others live their lives, nobody is stopping YOU from living YOURS -are they?
    Sorry, but it’s an important soapbox!

  30. He’s still gay. Either you suck cock or you do not suck cock. Gwen knows he’s gay but she doesn’t care because only a gay man could love her the way she wants to be loved. Hello that stupid pink wedding dress a real man would have not let her wear that clown costume on their big day!!!

  31. Reta he takes it up the ass, how much more proof do you need? Your man is probably doing it too.

  32. That is just an amazing picture. Marilyn is taking the male role, taller but very feminine looking with hair and dress like a woman. Gavin is taking the feminine role, shorter with earrings tucked in under his chin, but with a serious five o’clock shadow. Just a fabulous photograph. It’s art.

  33. Reta are u fucking slow or retarded?

    Women of all ages have now resolved to being with a man that is a cock sucker. It starts at teenager years to 70 year old. Yes, it’s fun, funny and polite to love gays but don’t be fooled that they don’t have aids.
    U must be illiterate for not understanding that male cock suckers stay with male cocksuckers. women want to be with a man that doesn’t like cock. Why can’t women be in a traditional marriage or do u would want to be in a relationship with a man that enjoys going to glory holes and coming home giving u a fat big kiss on the lips after he didnt wash is mouth from having cum juice down his throat?

  34. Reta, it is not nuclear science. You can tell if a man is gay, without even touching on sex. If the guy is just what a woman wants (as in the males characters in Sex and the City – the last season of the show, and the first movie – for example), then he is more a woman than a man, ergo: gay.

    A straight man need not be a jock, a knuckle dragger or a douche. But a hetero male does not love only Rom Coms, enjoy discussing your feelings all night long (with no pay off), want to look perfect and groomed 24/7, have an unwavering interest in decor, or think it is sexier when a woman has a quirky look rather than a rockin’ bod.

    If a woman, after all the experience with males encoded in her DNA, does not understand all of the above, then, maybe, she deserves everything she ends up getting.

  35. Hello: speaking of “illiterate” your last post has got to be one of the MOST illiterate conglomeration of nonsensical vomitous words ever put before unprepared eyes. Having fun vitimizing Janet’s readers you vile dingleberry?

    Funny that your cut-off period for women getting “it” is 70 years old.You mentioned that age before as well when you said they were being “swept under the rug.”
    SO….NOW you insist that all gays have AIDS, do you? My, but you are one very uneducated jack off excuse for a sorry bastard pretending to be human, aren’t you?! OH gee, wow, you have discovered “that male cocksuckers stay with male cocksuckers.” REALLY????? Wouldn’t this be considered the same thing as…say….GAY
    Why do you protest so strongly “why can’t women be in a traditional marraige?” I ask you, really, WHO’S stopping you? Be in whatever kind of marraige you want to, and get the eff out of everyone else’s relationship which is none of your fucking business. You’re way too stupid to even understand what you are writing about, let alone understand any of the points of it. So, do yourself a favor and go rinse your mouth out now with Listerine, and don’t forget to gargle the back of your throat real well too. That thick stuff can really stick to the back of your throat if you let it sink in too long. Now, there’s a good little crazy asshole, run along now and play with some ground glass and mercury!

  36. Jesus, Sebastian, sometimes I really have to wonder about you. I never said I can’t figure out “gays”…just that I don’t frankly GIVE A SHIT, and can’t see the endless fascination with OTHER PEOPLE’S sexual lives! REALLY, what the fuck?! Does it REALLY MATTER to YOUR LIFE if Gavin Rossdale is gay ,bi, or hetero? There’s only ONE PERSON ON THIS PLANET THAT IT SHOULD MATTER TO: HIS WIFE. I do believe that person is none of US!

    AND there have been quite a few young gay people lately that have killed themselves for the very reasons that are spewing endlessly on this site! The twisted evil vile hate and acusations of every gay person carrying AIDS or having some sort of ulterior motives that are out to get the rest of us… there is a word for that…it’s called HOMOPHOBIA…I suggest all you people who hate so rabidly go look it up. Maybe you’ll find a picture of yourselves on the page.

    Just know one thing…homophobia kills, educate yourselves about things before you spew hate. What you say may cost someone their life! Can you really live with your words being a weapon against a totally innocent person’s life? Have we not come out of the caves at all? Next thing you morons will be championing will be hanging “negroes”…of course, freedom for all, huh? Isn’t that what The Declaration of Independance says? I feel like I have stumbled into a time machine roaring backwards decades at a time…and it must be in the Old South too from the sounds of it!

  37. Reta, I think you are losing the plot. We were talking about guys on the down low. And if, in that context, you cannot see that sexual preference – and hiding of it – is an issue for people other than the guy double-dipping, then I have to say I am beginning to agree with other posters.

  38. And Reta, the suicides of gay youths could more easily be laid at the feet of cowardly gay celebs (who have little to lose by coming out, yet refuse to do so) than at the feet of even the worst bully.

    After all, failure to do something that could help so many, when it has zero significant negative impact on your life is the ultimate in amorality and cowardice.

  39. Sebastian…much as I enjoy your wit…YOU are the one that over and over is concerned with DL guys. I’m not, never HAVE been. Don’t care. Couldn’t care LESS who is gay, bi, hetero, lesbian, DL, transgender, and whatever other varieties of sexual identities there exist. The ONLY sexual proclivities that anybody should concern themselves with are pedophiles and/or rapists.

    Please explain to me Sebastian why you, as intelligent as you obviously are, are so obscessed with “DL” men and what they do or how they live or get sex. Does ANY of it affect YOUR life? They are simply another section of this nonfunctioning society and if it didn’t somehow have a payoff, they wouldn’t do it.
    Put it this way: YOU are the gay guy and have a serious career you don’t want screwed up by it getting out you are gay. You are forced to be secretive and “be heterosexual” or lose the career you studied your whole twenties to have. You KNOW society is not yet accepting of gays, indeed, sites like this one are proof of it. Your decision is what?
    I’m not telling you to endorse gays and get in bed with them, but for heaven’s sake, have a little compassion for the impossible situations they are forced to live under. And be glad YOU are not the “ONE” everybody is pointing and staring at. Remember “Planet of the Apes”? I think most gays feel pretty much the way that Charlton Heston charactor felt trapped in that cage and wondering why all the “animals/apes” were all against him, and worrying for his life at any second knowing he could get pulled out and beat to death for not being “one of them”.

  40. “It’s vitally important for the success of any marriage to have things in common, things you share, things you both love.

    If that thing happens to be an affinity for dick, well then, so be it.” 🙂

  41. Reta, I appreciate you! I think Gwen and Gavin will work this out as a married couple.
    And to the others, it only benefits you to become more expansive or flexible in your thinking. Traits that are attributed to survivors.

  42. What really kills is AIDS. THis picture says a lot and these two are still attending many AC/DC concerts.

  43. RetA how would u feel if u had to figure out what st8 man gave u aids?
    And why would he dare to sleep with u and a man because u are so beautiful and fabulous?

  44. I don’t care if someone is gay but it’s not fair to double dip and waste either of the partners time, energy and happiness. Do u really think Gwen is happy or would you be happy about the news and not wonder if he may cheat again with a man. At least with a woman the chances of him going to his wife his high however an encounter with man is not something he shouting across roof tops to reveal and once they taste the cock its really hard to hide the fact they want it again.

  45. Reta are you afraid to discuss this because you secretly suspect your man is on the down low? I cannot imagine why else you would be so offended by this topic.

  46. Reta, I have explained this to death. One more time, just the key points:

    Rich/celeb gays should not be on the DL. They should come out. They have nothing to lose by doing so. Their being closeted, and gossiped about, sends a clear message to less well-off gays, that THEY can never hope to come out without serious problems.

    A person cannot ask or demand that other people repsect him – and all he is – until he respects himself. And lying about who one is proves a lack of self-respect.

    Men on the down low are a problem and a danger, in various ways, not the least of which being the spread of AIDS.

    Finally, I relate to the DL issue because I am a person of color who would not be recognized as such. However, I do not hide the fact, as it is who I am, and my stating my ethnicity in certain situations can put racists on the spot, a demonstrate that as far as I am concerned, race is not about something as stupidly simple as visibility but politics.

    I have heard all the rationalizations and B.S. related to my issue, and they are very similar to what you would hear from closeted gay men. But, in the end it is just cowardice and crap.

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