It can’t be the first time this has happened. World travelers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie recently settled into their huge mansion in Buda Hills outside Budapest and Brad took off on his BMW motorcycle to check out the scenery. When he came home, trailed as usual by paparazzi, he rang the bell and no one let him in! He was looking very puzzled when the paps pointed out that he was at the wrong house. His house is next door! Sometime those pesky photographers come in handy.


  1. The fact that this post has sat for 12 plus hours without comment is a clear indication of the interest level RE the Jolie-Pitts.

    And, the story is ridiculous – the kernel of it might make a good gag on the Family Guy.

    “I went to get in my Porshe, but then discovered I had the keys to the Bentley. Boy was I embarrassed. But then I had some champagne and caviar, burned some thousand dollar bills, had a servant flogged, and felt so much better.”

  2. Must be a slow news day and Janet hasn’t had her instructions yet from J Lo’s publicist.

    Maybe if this had a larger picture she could try and hit BMW up for aome money for the plug.

  3. I so agree with you Sebastian. Not many things as boring on this planet as the “Jolie-Pitts” as you refer to them…except maybe the continuously vomitous strom and Cap’n Asshole/Gerard Vandenburg. Surprising that as has been prodded by so many so often Janet STILL has not installed a “Report/reject” button to this site. Of course Janet is not exactly known for being progressive. Still love her, even if she IS a sloooooooooooow learner!

  4. What is the real (I mean really real) story on Ang and Brad. I have read oodles of conflicting stories: they are fighting over how to raise the kids….Ang is jealous of him in his new movie with a blonde….Brad cannot trust Ang when she is away….she wants to buy more babies and he doesn’t….she is getting tired of him and threatens to walk….he takes off on his cycle when they fight to drink with his buddies….the kids are begging them to marry….(do they enjoy this or do they care?)

  5. Brad and Angelina have said many times they never work at the same time due to the kids. But,they’re both working now, so the children must be raised by servants. How warm and wonderful. We’re all holding our breaths waiting for Angelina to be caught with another man, and Brad to be cuckold. Until then, they’re BORING.

  6. To Jolie, kids are like Birkin bags: she wants one in every color.

  7. strom, you are one of those people that prays for black failure and black problems. I’m glad that has made you happy. Now take your condom off and wash yourself, because I know you just got off.

  8. Pippa: ANOTHER personal attack? What the eff is YOUR problem? What did I do THIS TIME? Didn’t “talk too long”. Too honest for you? So you find two vile racists preferable to an honest person who champions equality? Your mother must be so proud!

  9. Thanks Lenny…maybe you can also provide a copy of your essay: “Excuses are ok; Enabling the black race for failure” to Janet C and she can flak it for you.

  10. No one is enabling the black race failures, but you the one who’s enabling the white race failures. Stop and look at yourself, you jump on all stories about blacks and gays with happiness of a teen boy seeing his first tit. All people have their problems and God know that but for you it is black colored glasses. Get a clue you’re a racist and gay hater. That’s okay at least we all know and it’s America you have that right.

  11. Strom, Lenny’s sentiment, which is shared by most who post here, is that your criticisms are not even. You target blacks and gays. Also you choose easy and choice marks, often viciously condemning someone like Halle Berry because she is black and is A or B-list while letting an celebutard like Mel B slip by because she is D or E-list.

  12. Mel B is so far down the list she isnt worth too many comments but I have called her out much more than Halle. My comments on Halle were that she is a babe but doesnt have much in the way of grey matter.

    Not a racist bone in my bod….neither is there one that supports scams like affermative action that usually just bring the lazy to the front.

  13. Halle is as “white” as she is “black”. Indeed, she was brought up by her white mother, in a white neighborhood, being the little girl who stood out as something different. If I remeber my info correctly her father was sparse in her life, if not gone completely. So, it surprises me greatly that she is known as a “black woman/actress” but who am I to question or give a shit? I’m sure she probably has a long strand of other types of DNA in her, as do we all…I just don’t see why it matters to anyone. Race should be outlawed on all legal forms.

  14. And NOW, back to Brad….I think Ang has his balls in the palm of her hands so to speak. He is locked in to her and the 6 spoiked brats and he basically doesn’t like it.

  15. I see Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie as representing certain types of each’s generation. Jen – now in her forties – seems very laid back and not one to play games, that is how she lost Brad. Angie – in her thirties – seems, well…a controling bitch. Brad mad his coffin…uhm…bed, and now must lay in it.

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