One thing about Faye Dunaway – she is NEVER boring. That’s why we love any kind of news about her. She appeared to be very happy and in a Christmassy mood while shopping at The Grove today with her assistant. Years ago we wrote about Faye wearing plastic gloves at a chicken fast food restaurant where she weighed her food. She also wears plastic food handling gloves while she’s out running errands like picking up dry cleaning. Faye loves gloves with her evening wear also – she wore odd yellow leather gloves to a Vanity Fair Oscar party and was described as looking like she “rushed straight to the party from the kitchen sink.” Is she germ conscious? She wore just one glove (white with a black ruffle on the wrist) on her right hand at The Grove, and it was clutching the assistant’s hand. It got us wondering…

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. Faye looks good here–better than in recent years, in fact.

    She’s just trying to make the most of her limited time on this plain, like so many of the rest of us.

    That said, knowing Faye, this latest assistant must have the patience of a saint!

    (Remember, she’s not mad at YOU, she’s “mad at the dirt!” 😀 )

  2. Remember when she lived at Spaulding and Willoughby in West Hollywood a few years ago? The horror stories I heard from people who worked in the stores near her home were absolutely hilarious because only she could do what she did:
    1) pulling her car up to the door of the Blockbuster store on LaCienega and despite the face there was a return slot for the movies, she blasted the horn on her car until someone came outside to collect the movies from her.
    2) There was a deli on t he corner of Sweetzer and Santa Monica Blvd for years and she would order food from them and then SEND everything back demanding her money back. Oh, all the food would have been eaten but she sent back the empty wrappers! 3) the time she went to the movies at the Arclight and complained about the cost of the movie and reminding the clerk at the ticket counter WHO she was. The clerk didn’t. 4) she goes into a restaurant alone and (wearing gloves) puts all of her fingers on the table and said, “Now listen to me, I want a dinner salad with NO CROUTONS and dressing on the side. I need only one tomato and I would like bacon bits on the salad but only a few. Now can you repeat what I just said?” I could go on and on but you know how she is. It’s too bad she has such an attitude about Mommie Dearest. Instead of embracing the cult like status of the film, she screams or wont talk about it because she thinks the movie derailed her career. I think Faye Dunaway derailed her own career without any help from that movie.

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