Casanova Warren Beatty had to be dragged into marriage and fatherhood, but he never imagined it would become THIS complicated! The Enquirer revealed that Warren and Annette Bening’s outspoken daughter Kathlyn shocked them when she announced at the age of 14 that she wanted to become a male. Kathlyn, now enrolled at Sarah Lawrence College, changed her name to Stephen and began the transgender process by having her breasts removed. Annette finally convinced Warren to accept Stephen as he is. Imagine their astonishment when Stephen recently acquired a boyfriend and now has decided he wants to experience childbirth! As mixed up as Stephen might be, at least he’s still getting a good education. Can’t help but wonder what Stephen’s equally outspoken aunt Shirley MacLaine has to say about all this.

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  1. What a dysfunctional family. They look good on Screen yet in real life are a big FAIL…

  2. Sarah Lawrence is an ultra-liberal college, so I can imagine that Stephen would be welcome and accepted. (It’s also the most expensive four-year university program, at about $60K per year) From what I’ve read and watched, I don’t think that being transgender is a mental condition. I truly believe that there ARE those who feel, from very early on (Chaz Bono, the current poster child of the movement, is an example) that they were born the wrong sex. Just like everyone who decides to start the process, I’m sure Stephen had to go through much therapy before any permanent physical changes were made. I wish him the best of luck! 🙂

  3. I guess Annette is not jealous and is very trusting to marry the biggest skirt-chaser lithario EVER in all TinselTown. For decades he was always in the midst of a hot affair, probably several at the same time.

    I would never trust him and now this thing with her kid is just sick.

    Pippa is correct; the only way to describe them is dysfunctional.

  4. I would never have married a guy who’s been with every woman in Hollyweird. He’s just gross.

  5. She/he had his breasts cut off, and now wants to experience motherhood? Not planning to be nurturing, are you, buddy boy.

  6. Is there any better argument AGAINST homosexuality than this and the pregnant man who divorced his wife? These people need psychiatric help, NOT sex changes…

  7. Really a messed up kid…. Other women would give anything to have their breasts back and an idiot like her wants to have them off…. I see a gloomy future for her….

  8. Liberalism (mental disorder) especially in Hollywood produces the most confused and dysfunctional families ever.

  9. it’s not easy for any one:the dad ,the mother,the kid ,brothers and sisters and it’s totally logic
    i hope the best for every one

  10. I think age 14 is too young to make such a drastic decision (removing breasts). She/he may be having a change of heart. At any rate, I wish them all luck.

  11. Is it really so hard to use the right pronouns? Stephen is a he, and always was. He’s changed his body to affirm his true gender. He happens to be a gay man. He’s hardly the first gay man ever, so how can that be difficult to understand? He also isn’t close to being the first transman who wanted to or did become pregnant. Seriously, some people act like Stephen invented these ideas. How is it possible to be that naive in this day and age? Please try to catch up with everyone else, because you’re just looking ridiculous by acting like this is the most bizarre thing ever. There isn’t even anything new here, let alone anything the least bit bizarre.

  12. Oh my, what a complete f**ked up situation. The drama one person can cause. I feel for the grief this ‘person with issues’ is putting on the family.

    Are you saying this person is pregnant? I imagine the pregnancy hormones will add to the chaotic-ness.

    It is all about attention. This person is still so young, they will likely end up killing themself or being drugged out ’cause no-one gets them’, get over your pampered spoilt self.

    I do not predict a happy ending.

  13. His wicked mother Anne can’t be more happy and insane. Shame on Warren for ignoring his son.. and family..

  14. Leave it alone…It’s not your business………

  15. Ha, amazing…maybe Warren is being paid back for his many interludes. This family can afford in $$$ whatever occurs but to say to a 14 yr old kid….”however you FEEL is what is so important” is very foolish. You were born a woman or a man and should deal with it. The AIDS epidemic was caused by the fags that had multiple sex partners and the tranny’s had the biggest losses it is said. Next Obama will be trading $$$ for votes to all who want to be GAY community organizers.

    Who will just say NO to kids with looney ideas and take away their cell phones and send them back to study.

    The real tragedy is over 50% of BLACK females have herpes and that is being spread by their BLACK male partners. Send them back to Nigeria!

  16. janet, why do you let strom make these posts???? you need to moitor your site

    there would be more people here if you did

  17. Libby, why are you ALLOWED to make such claims you can’t back up.

    Please point out anything inaccurate in my posts.

  18. Here’s one for you Strom.
    Two percent of the population in the States is Jewish. Yet they control sixty five per cent of the wealth. The Jewish community has traditionally been democratic but now they are all shifting to Romney as Obama doesn’t pay. Obama is toast for this fact alone. No Jewish funding.
    My spin on why the Jews have the majority of the wealth begins with the fall of Rome and Europe falling into the dark ages. The most apt and capable of the Anglo’s were indoctrinated into the church, never to procreate and pass on their genes. A general dumbing down of the gene pool if you please.
    The Jewish best and brightest became Rabbi’s and furthermore had the pick of the prettiest, brightest girls in the village.
    This fact situated the Jewish community ahead of the competition in the parlay of personal and ultimately national wealth.
    Thank the church of England and the Vatican for jerking the carpet{and each other} out and the lack of an even economic playing field.

  19. Pretty delusional idea. A look at any group of jewsih women will prove that they might be called many things…but pretty is not one of them.

    While the jews should abandon Obama, nothing I have seen indicates they are doing this. I would also question the 65% of the wealth figure, in Canada that might be true.

    They want to look very liberal but most of their “gifts” come with many strings attached.

    Jews should be running to Romney. Jews and Mormans have much more in common than Jews and Jesse Jackson.

  20. Strom, a middle ages standard of pretty.
    Canada doesn’t cultivate the Jewish community as much as it does the “multicultural” terrorist community.
    Groucho Marx was invited to join a Republican country club in Hollywood but told he was not allowed to use the pool.
    He replied, “my daughter is half Jewish, can she at least go in the pool up to her waist?” The tide is turning in the Democratic/Jewish love in thanks to the Hope and Change president.
    Promise of more money creates strange bed fellows.
    All political contributions come with strings.
    Keep your pecker in your pants around the black chicks…or else…big shame at the doctor.

  21. Jews should be running to Romney. Jews and Mormans have much more in common than Jews and Jesse Jackson.

  22. What an amazing collection of ignorant, bigoted, antisemitic, homophobic and just plain intellectually challenged humans. Gender identification is something that starts very young, as early as 2 and 3. At 14 Kathlyn knew what her eventual path needed to be. She didn’t have surgery then at 14 (duh!). That is when she finally disclosed what was going on to her (now his) parents. Therapy for years, medical evaluation, all of it takes time. It’s not something taken lightly and it’s not a mental health condition that can be fixed by laying on a couch talking to doctors. Good for Annette being supportive of her son through this process. I’m sure none of this is easy on anyone and there is a lot of work and healing for all. Hopefully Stephen will become the person on the outside that matches who he is on the inside. I’ve never personally known anyone going through this issue, but I do know it’s a very emotional and complicated journey.

  23. Patrick, you continue your throwdown of all things yiddish at the peril of the wrath of Phyllis and Susan of Maine who will soon have the JDL, Mossad, Schylock’s Deli, and the Hadassah Thrift Shop workers protesting outside your door, calling you a Nazi and a Holocaust denier. Tom and Fred Goldman may also be there….all will leave only after the appropriate $$$$ contribution and may call their own people much worse than you ever will.

  24. Poor lovely, you obviously have been brainwashed by the teachings of “all things gay” and “gay is ok” crowd. This kid at 14 had no more idea of what she was than what she wasnt….she got the jibberish from television or private school and the result will be a screwed up life for it and its family. Tranny’s 1 – Normality 0 in this case.

  25. Strom. Patrick gives not a fuck.
    Just calling it the way I see it.

  26. No group is more racist than the jews. Ask the original inhabitants of Israel!

  27. I agree with Hilary (if you don’t, think about whether someone who just wanted attention would “choose” this extremely emotionally and physically painful topic/way of life/magnet for instant hate from a lot of random people when there are much easier ways to get attention, or how you felt like a boy or a girl before you were taught gender roles and without having any contradictions in how you felt and what you are. I count myself very lucky that I did not have these contradictions). I used to know a guy in a local band who was a really good musician but no one could ever talk to him because he hated absolutely everything all the time. When I ran into him some years later, he had fully transitioned (had the painful surgeries, etc., said it was the best thing she ever did) and was a beautiful, vibrant, happy woman. It was like night and day. Having also heard from doctor friends that a fairly significant number of people are born intersex, I do think that nature “messes up” and creates contradictory situations sometimes.

  28. Sounds loke he was a screwed up gay who became a screwed up tranny!

  29. What a bunch of ignorant assholes on here. Who gives a FUCK what Stephen does with his LIFE! Its none of your fucking biz!!

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