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Leonardo DiCaprio is still a mama’s boy and we love him for that. He takes his mom Irmelin on vacations and introduces her to all his girlfriends. Recently they were in Miami together and Irmelin kept avoiding the pool because she didn’t want to get her hair wet. Leo happened to walk into the “Who Is Sylvia?” vintage store in Woodstock, Vermont, last week when he was in town, and he saw this 1950’s Sea Siren swim cap with the original $3.49 price tag still on it. He snapped it right up (at a higher price) as a gift for his mother. Sweet!



  1. I remember having to wear similar caps–this one is way prettier–when I was a kid. Hated them! 🙂

  2. What a good son. She must be so proud. Those swim caps used to leave a horrible ring on your forehead and give you a killer headache. Plus they really never kept your hair dry.

  3. Yeah, his girlfriends, right. If he’s not gay, which I definitely suspect he is, it’s so pathetic to be pushing 40 and still acting like a teenager. It’s beyond time to grow up and be a man

  4. Here we go again on this site…every man who chooses to not be tied down to the wrong girl for whatever reason is gay! I have a 44 year old son who lives with his girl friend of around 5-6 years and they haven’t married, and nobody is bugging them to either. My younger son lived with his girlfriend for 6 years before they got married 2 years ago.

    Actors have VERY busy schedules so its no wonder so many relationships fall apart. If you’re never together, how do you expect it to last?

    You people need to stop seeing “gay” lurking around every corner. I swear, it seems like every male brought up on this site you all go off on him as gay! Shut the eff up already!

  5. OH…and on the head gear, I think it’s high campt art and if I could have it on that manaquin head I love the whole thing! Too cool, and yes, those were torture devices when I was a young girl , and yes, they didn’t keep your head dry either! Smelled funny too. Hot rubber.

    I’ll bet if Leo’s ma tries to actually USE the antique one he bought her, it will break into pieces due to its old age. It should be brittle and fragile as hell by now. Rotten rubber will not be cool to wear even IF your son is really really rich!

  6. I think that is the point of the post. The swim cap IS a high camp object that would not be normally purchased by a straight guy for his mother. For me, the confirmation came when he was “dating” Blake Lively. But who really knows until they either come out like Tab Hunter and Richard Chamberlan or die.

    BTW Reta, good to see you back. Hope your health is well.

  7. Wow!! This story is so reaching to make a story. His mother is in Miami didn’t want to wet wet hair, so there were no stores around to go to so she can get a head gear!?!? Now all the way in the vermont for head gear so she doesn’t wet hair. HuH?!!?!?!? This literally down dumb info and very high-school.

  8. How do you know it was that she didn’t want to get her hair wet instead of her having a bad yeast infection?

  9. It’s fantastic when a man has a great relationship with his mother. But the girlfriend needs to remember she’ll be marrying not one but two people. Which will only be a problem if she dares to have opinions that differ from mama’s.

  10. That’s one hysterical Esther Williams/Aquacade type cap. If he bought it, I’m sure it was a joke.

  11. REta! You have a 44 year old son?!
    That means you come with a certain vintage that appeals to the demented side of me.
    Lets tear one off! You and me!
    I’m pretty good at masking the shame. Come on let’s go!

  12. It should fry the mind of all….Mr. Hope & Change needs to become involved in changing the practices of his people.

  13. Reta, we are here to talk about the celebs. I don’t appreciate your personal attacks. We all have our opinions and this is where we post them. I don’t care one iota about your sons

  14. All I know is what I have read for about 10 years….there have been heavy rumors that he is gay; a lot of times, a mama’s boy is gay. If he is, I think he gets a thrill by hiding it and sneaking around. At any rate, one of the rag mags will catch him *in the act* some day. Anyhoo, “we shall see what we shall see”.

    I’ve also read that his real love was the Israeli model, Bar Refaeli, with whom he has broken up with and back again umpteenth times. He changes girlfriends almost as much as Clooney does. The only difference is once Looney ditches them, he does not go back. If he is not gay, he has stated that he is sorry that he let Bar go. I don’t care what he does and I’m sick of him anyway.

  15. he’s mummy’s boy so his mum will always be the first in his heart

  16. It sounds kinda creepy to me. HE’S kinda creepy to me…

  17. leo and his lil lion between hsi legs; as seen in that movie ,is no stranger to the homo world, he is sure nuff a queen but only after several of his films have flopped will he be finally exposed by the press who already know the truth., once reporters out a top star, they loose their credientials and access to the happenings in the pop culture world, none of them will expose the truth, funny how when a star comes out as being a queen they stop talking about him altogether !!

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