Prince pulled up in his chauffeured limo at Xenii Friday night and he saw a huge scene outside. It was an unusually large and lively crowd at the entrance of the club. He got an IDEA. He dropped off several girls in the car with him and he turned around and went right home. Apparently he decided THIS was the perfect opportunity to show off his new two door Bentley. He returned in the drivers seat of his new car which had an amazing paint job – depending on the light it went from purple to blue and several other colors. It was a staggering sight and he got out of the car with a flourish to reveal he was wearing a matching SUIT of the same light reflecting colors. The club crowd gasped and pulled out their cell phones to take pictures. Has anybody out there got one to show me?

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  1. Just because people don’t dress the way you want,does not make them a sissy. But I will say he probably has more money than you will have in 2 life times.

  2. all the money in the world will not stop him from looking and acting like a sissy boy. puuu–llease!

  3. That “sissy boy” gets more quality female ass than anybody else. God bless him!

  4. Crap! The security guard told me he was there and I went looking for him to no avail. Damn. That’s when that numbnuts said to Rick Fox that I was a dude. Just because a woman reminds you of someone who’s cock you sucked sir doesn’t mean she has one. A lot of trannys do try to look like us females dumb ass.

  5. It sounds like a pretty sad life to be a 50 year old who is still obsessed with ‘impressing’ people at nightclubs.
    Shouldn’t Prince have more elevated concerned at this point in his life, like maybe a family? I mean, if he has enough money to buy so much “quality female ass”, shouldn’t he be a father many times over by now?
    I guess more than “two lifetimes of money” might buy the company of plenty of tarted up party girls — but I guess it just can’t buy a woman who actually would want to mix her DNA with a 5’2″ effete weirdo.

  6. Maybe he doesnt want a “family”. Maybe hes happy just the way he is. And since when does his age stop him from being cool? His age has never stopped him from having a good time, and Im sure if you had a bad ride youd want ppl to see it as well. Stop hatin.

  7. I totally agree with J. In case the hater didn’t know, Prince and his wife Mayte had a baby that died almost immediately after birth. I heard that it was some kind of genetic or chromosomal condition. The had to be the most difficult thing he and his wife had dealt with in their lives. Anyone out there who is a parent can testify that nothing in the world would be more devastating than losing a child.
    So what if he wanted to show off his ride. Age is not a factor here pal.

  8. prince is awesome. and why does everyone HAVE to have children? i agree he might not want to try again after the devastation of his first childs birth and death. and i don’t think that you need to BREED just to be a worthy member of society. if he had children people would be whining that he should stop being a musician and stay home with his kids, so leave him alone!

  9. oh my gawd the guy is almost 50! trying to keep up with teh yougins, pretty pathetic. i feel sorry for him, how embarrasing!

  10. Yes, he can do what he wants, but yes, he’s almost 50? How much longer is he gonna do this stuff? Is he going to be in his 70’s, doing this same stuff? He’s gonna make Little Richard look sane if he does.

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