Federal Crime, Anyone?

A charter airline pilot told us that he had to kick a very famous blonde celebrity off his plane leaving for New York last month. He said “The flight hadn’t even taken off and she started smoking something with a distinct metallic chemical odor. Someone later told me it must have been crack. We warned her to extinguish the cigarette – any kind of smoking is forbidden, She stalled, saying “Just chill – I’m almost done. ” She WOULDN’T stop smoking! We were furious with her and forced her to get off the plane. Her luggage was dumped on the tarmac beside her. Her publicist got off also and was unfazed – he just flipped his phone and started making other arrangements.”


40 thoughts on “Federal Crime, Anyone?

  1. Jen Maniston????
    She sure likes to smoke anything that catches on fire!

  2. Cameron Diaz. She did show up in NY last month off a private plane. But she wasn’t blonde at the time…..

  3. If she is identified as a “celebrity” as opposed to someone known for talent of some sort (e.g. – actress, singer) it must be that idiot Paris “Herpes” Hilton.

  4. Who’s the girl with the heroin addiction recently kicked. Leyonne is her last name or something. She was in “The Slums of Beverly Hills”

  5. FOR SURE PARIS. Very obvious as “very famous blonde celebrity” is the exact descriptor only for one person- Paris. Any other person whould have been called actress, singer etc….

  6. 100% paris hilton – she travels with her sleazy publicist elliot. He’s a loser, poor thing. A man that old forced to clean up behind Paris Hilton. How degrading and humiliating for him.

  7. Paris? No, never – not Crack! Too dangerous, all make up in the world whould not hide the damage. What is with Natasha Lyonne? Sche is ill from hard drugs.

  8. My votes are for Paris or Kate Moss. Enjoy your beauty and youth while it lasts, ladies. It’s all you’ve got, whereas the rest of us “common folk” define our lives and self worth and happiness by so much more than money and looks. Thank goodness!

  9. Damn, my slutty girl Paris is a crackhead? I thought she only smoked “cocoa puffs” – coke mixed with weed!!

  10. I don’t believe Paris is into crack nor is Nicole….I believe Melanie….

  11. Probably smoking crystal meth, not crack. My vote is Kate Bosworth, she was in NYC for fashion week. Do you remember the bony nipple slip pictures. The girl doesn’t eat.

  12. Someone guessed “Sharon Stone.”
    Is that a joke?
    She has 3 adopted kids. I don’t think that leaves you much time for smoking crack!

  13. I heard Anna Nicole Smith smokes it. That’s my guess. She has the right attitude to keep on doing it, too. I could see her having that reaction- “just chill I’m almost done.” Exactly so.

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