He still has swagger and confidence, but former Glee star Mark Salling, 33, just walked out of the bank with a $100,000 check that will probably keep him out of jail for awhile on bail. He was indicted for the unimaginable offense of receiving and possessing child pornography online and is expected to appear in court Friday. After he left the bank, Salling went straight to his lawyer’s office, where he will probably be writing even BIGGER checks. If he’s found guilty he could get a minimum of 5 years and maximum of 20. Whatever happens, his promising career is over and he’ll be broke. It’s almost too sick to think about…

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


11 thoughts on “MARK SALLING: AND SO IT BEGINS….

  1. Hang the loser from his b@lls on a street light.

  2. Is this the pedo? Good riddance, lock him up for life

  3. As a Christian, my prayer is for repentance and restoration. No one is beyond redemption.

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