Jack Klugman’s son is absolutely right. Adam Klugman told The Hollywood Reporter that he is outraged because his father (who died this year at age 90) is not included in the special memorial tribute on Sunday’s Emmy show. The academy is featuring five special memorial salutes this year and Cory Monteith of Glee is among them, but not Klugman. Jack Klugman was a TV pioneer who spent five decades in our living rooms. He won 3 Emmys and sorry, but The Odd Couple trumps Glee any day. Adam says the Emmy organizers are touting Monteith to draw younger viewers. He’s right. It’s a cheap maneuver.

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  1. Absolutely appalling. Especially given the fact that Cory’s death was drug related. I was looking forward to the Emmys but I am boycotting now because of this. I loved Jack Klugman on The Odd Couple and the medical show he was on. This is very wrong of them. Disgusting.

  2. It’s pure bullsh1t.. Klugman deserves better.. I watched his shows, Quincy also~ only because of Jack Klugman. The Emmy’s don’t deserve any viewers.. really people to this day still watch Seinfeld.. I was little when I watched re~runs of The Odd Couple.. Why dumb down the emmy’s by not recognizing true talent. It’s disgraceful and a true disappointment at what the emmy’s has become.

  3. He was great in the Twilight Zone from long ago. How could he just get swept under the rug so a guy with one hit show that chose to booze and dope himself to death can be made into a hero on an awards show? It just sets a bad example for the “young” crowd that it is trying to attract.

  4. Who are the other four? Couldn’t they find room for both Corey (who I don’t really care about) and Jack?

  5. What can you expect when the Emmy’s and the entire underbelly of H-Wood has been taken over by gays, lesbians, druggies, alcoholics, cheaters, sex addicts…..

    There is no room left for longevity and true talent, such as Klugman. Am I correct on this?

  6. It is very simple Klugman was a man’s man. He isn’t a metrosexual semi gay person that hollywood is now comprised of. Klugman was a great character actor and the fact they have omitted them tells you all you need to know about how screwed up Hollyweird is.

  7. I agree completely. I loved “Quincy” in the 70s, and followed Jack through his career. I actually saw him from a short distance in person at the Preakness in my hometown of Baltimore one year, when he had a horse in the race. Someone pointed him out to me, and even though it was from a distance, it was still a thrill to see my hero, Quincy. Cory Monteith was a drug addict who was part of an ensemble cast. Not even in the same league as Mr. Klugman. To not include him in the list after his years in show business is a disgrace.

  8. Indeed, Janet.

    Cory montieth, who?

    I detest how the Emmys and Hollywood are worshiping at the feet of that little drug addict. And something is wrong with that little lea michelle for dating him too.

  9. I never even heard of this Cory guy until he OD’d. I have read a dozen blinds that he and Lea Whosit weren’t even a real couple, it was all for show. Yet there are a bunch of memorials and fake tears about this guy who caused his own death? Blech. Jack Klugman most definitely deserves to be honored. He was a real actor.

  10. I am always amazed at who they overlook sometimes but this is a huge one. In addition to the amount of work, the level of his talent and the fact that he was brave enough to continue life in the limelight during his battle with an obvious debilitating disease. Yet we really can’t hold it against the Monteith family.

    Since Miley Cyrus is the current Blame Du Jour ….let us throw this one on her too.

  11. I can’t believe they don’t have room for one more? Why leave him out?

  12. The Emmys suck anyway (as does 90% of tv in general), but agree with you Janet. This is an outrage. Cory was nice, but not a great talent, and had a very short, 1 note career. To say nothing of the fact that he died from self iinflicted heroin overdose. He does not deserve anything more than a simple mention during the list.

    Besides the great Jack Klugman, whom I knew, and was always fun to be around, they are also excluding Larry Hagman, another huge tv star (I Dream of Jeannie & Dallas). It is amazing how brazen they are about admitting their doing this for their “young” fans. How many kids and young teens watch the Emmys?

  13. I never watched GLEE – and never will. When someone dies from a drug overdose – do they really deserve to be honored? Cory Monteith should be forgotten – he played one role in a popular show. I’ve watched Jack Klugman thru the years — a true talent. If the Emmy’s are looking for young people as viewers — no one over 40 yrs should watch – including me!!!!

  14. This is not an oversight……it is deliberate and a slap in the face to
    Jack’s family and all his fans. What were they thinking? Shameful.
    Hope they get booed by the audience. Cory was a lucky young actor who threw everything away for the sake of drugs.

  15. Add me to the rest of the posters here and throughout the net who are outraged at this very obvious slight and lack of respect for an award winning long career veteran actor. Honoring a a drug addict with a brief career who took his own life defies logic. I won’t be watching that show.

  16. Emmy Awards –long and mostly boring.

    Only reason I watch it is to maybe catch a glimpse of the great actor “Monk” (Tony Shalhoub). He is genuinely good, kind and soooo handsome. Lucky is his 7 years older wife, Brooke Adams. (taking “Monk” off the air was a huge mistake).

  17. I appreciate seeing the ‘In memory of…’ section. It reminds me of all those amazing people I’ve forgotten about or wondered about. I even enjoy seeing behind the camera losses, because they are the ones being honoured by their peers, despite not being famous – they must have really been something special!

  18. coco, the other 4 were jonathan winters, jean stapleton, james gandolfini, and gary david goldberg who produced family ties etc

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