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Photo Credit: Buzz Foto

Simon Cowell a showoff? You must be kidding! Here’s the American Idol mogul leaving The Ivy in his Aston Martin D89 convertible. (This 007 car seems to be every English guy’s dream) It’s just one vehicle from his car collection that includes two Rolls Royces. He eats well and has some sweet rides, now Simon needs to swing over to Maxfield (2 blocks north) and buy some cool clothes. We’re sick of looking at those same old v- neck t shirts and sweaters.



Photo Credit: Buzz Foto

Looks like Elizabeth Taylor heard that metallics are in fashion this season so she pulled out her shiny stuff for an evening at Mr Chow. She looks happy. Recently she bought a Mercedes Maybach car for $375,000 and she doesn’t even drive! She also splurged on a custom interior in a flattering color scheme and she had her initials embossed in various places. Liz likes to be chauffeured around in style.



We happen to be huge fans of mid-century style and these were also the golden years of airline travel – when flying was glamorous and comfortable and you got DRESSED UP to fly. And don’t forget those stewardesses in their cute mod designer outfits! Apparently John Travolta doesn’t want to let go of those warm and fuzzy memories either. He is the proud owner of a 1960’s Boeing 707 jet that was used by Qantas in its heyday. John has the plane customized with a huge master suite, childrens room , dining room etc, but he retained all the design elements and colors of the original mod decor! Plus, all his flight attendants wear original 60’s uniforms! Some aviation enthusiasts scoff at John because his plane is a “dinosaur and not fuel efficient.” but we can totally identify. Another interesting fact: John has his “pilot” uniforms, laden with gold braid and buttons, custom designed by Giorgio Armani!



Prince pulled up in his chauffeured limo at Xenii Friday night and he saw a huge scene outside. It was an unusually large and lively crowd at the entrance of the club. He got an IDEA. He dropped off several girls in the car with him and he turned around and went right home. Apparently he decided THIS was the perfect opportunity to show off his new two door Bentley. He returned in the drivers seat of his new car which had an amazing paint job – depending on the light it went from purple to blue and several other colors. It was a staggering sight and he got out of the car with a flourish to reveal he was wearing a matching SUIT of the same light reflecting colors. The club crowd gasped and pulled out their cell phones to take pictures. Has anybody out there got one to show me?

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For years Nicolas Cage has collected unique and vintage cars – including Jaguars, Bugattis, Corvettes, Cadillacs, Alfa Romeos, etc. He has bought and sold millions of dollars worth. He says he continually pares down his collection to the cars he drives the most. Recently he read about a 2002 Bentley Continental T limited edition black on black with only $9000 miles on it up for sale. In 2002 the car sold for almost $400,000. (Isn’t this the car Ben Affleck bought for J.Lo?) Anyway, Nic called the seller and introduced himself and asked “Would you bring the car to my house in Newport Beach?” The seller arrived at Nic’s gated home and was greeted by security who sent him up to the house. Nic was just getting out of the pool with his baby and he asked the guy “Have you eaten?” He invited the car owner to join him and his family for pizza freshly made by Cage’s chef. After lunch Nic admired the car and remarked “I like it but I have the think about it.” Ultimately Nic decided against the car but, the seller’s not complaining – he has memories of his pleasant afternoon at Nic’s.

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