Photo Credit: Buzz Foto

Looks like Elizabeth Taylor heard that metallics are in fashion this season so she pulled out her shiny stuff for an evening at Mr Chow. She looks happy. Recently she bought a Mercedes Maybach car for $375,000 and she doesn’t even drive! She also splurged on a custom interior in a flattering color scheme and she had her initials embossed in various places. Liz likes to be chauffeured around in style.


  1. How old is she ?
    Don’t tell me older than the Pyramids.

  2. poor liz is so senile they tell her she looks good and she buys it,look at her get up.lol

  3. Just before Liz has something new to sell she makes a public appearance.

  4. Uhh. Liz is 75 yrs old. It’s time to cut her some slack – respect your elders! The rest of the world looks at you americans in disgust – you’re all so neanderthal – hateful. She’s had those diamond earings since the 1950’s – a gift from 3rd husband Mike Todd.

  5. I think I speak for a majority of women when I say this: I hope that I have Liz’s guts and gravitas when I’m 75. She’s earned the right, through her amazing acting career, her business successes and her charitable work, to wear whatever the hell she wants to. And I personally think she looks great. Don’t care that surgery was involved.

  6. I love Elizabth Taylor. She will always be the Queen of the Divas. God Bless her metallic blouse.

  7. No. Diana Ross is Queen of Divas. Liz is Queen of Hollywood.

  8. she is in her 70’s and younger than the pyramids dude

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