Eric Clapton is appearing at the Staples Center this week and we’re wondering if he’ll make another appearance at a West Hollywood laundromat that he visited last time he was in LA. Locals doing their Friday laundry at The Washing Machine on 3rd Street at Sweetzer a few months ago were surprised when a Porsche pulled up and rock legend Eric Clapton nonchalantly got out with a bag of dirty clothes. He happily did two loads, and according to witnesses, he returned the following weekend and did it again. Why would a rock superstar do his OWN laundry? Locals have been puzzled ever since. But they’re hoping he’ll be back.



  1. Because he has been in rehab. By doing his own clothes, he is in touch with himself, literally. Elton John also talked about how he couldn’t operate the machines when he was required to do his own clothes in rehab. Kudos to Eric for staying with that ethic.

  2. Because he’s not one of those spoiled rotten “stars” who has to have an entourage do everything for him. So glad to hear he’s “normal.”

  3. He is just normal…I’ve met him, and he is a bit of a penny pincher. But very nice!

  4. Anonymous at 4:16 3/15 is right. It’s the humility thing that ex-addicts have to cultivate for their recovery. Nothing like getting in touch with your own skidmarks to bring you back down to earth.

  5. I LOVE this man! We were at a truck show in a parking lot in Branson and he was just walking around by himself looking at old trucks.

  6. I still can’t over that fact that he actually fell for Sheryl Crow! Yea, call me jealous. lol
    But good for him for washing his own clothes.
    Boxers? or Briefs?

  7. eric clapton is the best white blues guitar player in the world. he knows how to play the blues like black
    men did it so many years ago.
    I found a new name for him:
    the eternal.
    have fun my friends and
    play the blues as soon as you can.

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