Eric Clapton can be admired for his music, but not his intelligence. He’s joined the anti-science crowd and become a loud critic of UK measures to slow the transmission of Covid. He’s protesting government restrictions and announced that he will not perform at venues or clubs that require audience members to be vaccinated. Despite defending freedom of choice for his fans, he DID get vaccinated himself.

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  1. I’m vaccinated, but I defend people’s right to choose for themselves based on their risk.

  2. Kudo’s to Clapton. Forcing people to inject something into their bodies is a crime against humanity.

    I’m glad people are waking up to see that our freedoms are at risk.

  3. Allowing people to choose isn’t anti-science, it’s anti-authoritarian. And getting vaccinated isn’t inconsistent wanting people to be able to choose. I’m with Clapton on this one.

  4. I gotta say I’m fine with there being so many candidates for the Darwin Awards, which honor those who significantly improve the gene pool by eliminating themselves from the human race in an obviously stupid way.

  5. I agree with Dan Dan. What’s so funny about the unvaccinated is they don’t get the science. Heck. even Trump and his family are all vaccinated. These idiots would bring back small pox and polio. GO DARWIN!

  6. Wait for it.
    The noble lie.
    People Phizer vaxxed in Israel back in January now have low protection.
    A booster every six months for life.
    Line up the kinder every six months.
    Got that.

  7. Anyone who thinks that politicians got the “vaccine” are gullible. The dog and pony shows were B vitamins.

  8. The science. You can put those words in front of any theory, but unless you are a neutral, clinically trained researcher, those words are just empty and meaningless. “The science” has not proved the “vaccine” keeps you safe. If the vaccine, masks and lockdowns work so well, why are fully vaccinated people re-infected? Why are vaccine-related deaths being hidden from our own citizens? The variants are from the vacinated who are shedding the virus.

    And – even “science” gets it wrong. Google Thalidomide Catastrophe, Vioxx, Icepick lobotomies, doctors promoting cigarettes.

    Now, there are those flat earthers that believe everything they are told. But, it is nice to see more people becoming enlighted and questioning.

  9. As a former heroin junkie, I feel that’s it’s quite ironic that now Clapton wants to be an authority on what needles should or shouldn’t be administered. He’s vaccinated yet could GAF about his audience. Bye

  10. Clapton had a severe adverse reaction to the jab Janet you flipping idiot. It’s funny how you pro-jab people pretend to care about human life but only if it OBEYS you.

  11. Believe the Science? LOL. In the 1400s scientists told us the earth was flat. Imagine if we still believed that. It’s embarrassing how stupid people are. Here’s some “science” for you:

    No one has a sample of a pathogen called Covid including the CDC.

    Masks do not prevent spread of anything, says so right on the box. If you can smell perfume or smoke through it viruses are definitely getting through.

    Lockdowns are pointless. All they do is make people depressed and that weakens the immune system.

    Thousands of people have died from blood cots, cardiac damage, or have been left with severe neurological damage from this experimental jab and no one cares. The media won’t even address it.

    America is full of brainwashed dolts. If Fauci told you all to jump off a cliff with 6 face diapers on you would.

  12. If the venue requires it and no one performs or goes to see the artists, then the venue may go out of business. If the venue doesn’t mandate vaccines, those who are worried can wear face masks or not attend.

    It’s Clapton’s choice and he may or may not get booked as a result.

    He is a brilliant artist.

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