Photo Credit: Buzz Foto

Tomboyish Michelle Rodriguez is NOT threatening the photographer in this photo taken at Teddy’s over the weekend. In fact she’s just getting up in his face being playful – photogs say she’s very down to earth. And even MORE down to earth is the fact that she goes out to clubs WITHOUT a face full of make up.


  1. She’s great! I love that she goes out without makeup and still looks hot (this is a bad angle ok, lol)….and her paparazzi interactions are awesome! Thanks for the story guy!

  2. she’s a pretty girl, beautiful even in some photos.
    but she is definitely in touch with her masculine side.

  3. She’s a freakin’ amazing woman! ^^ Bad angle definitely, but great photo anyway, and great post. 😀

  4. It’s all in good fun.
    a “nobody”, you probably been living under a rock.
    Rodriguez has a large fan-base, and I take pride in being a part of that.

  5. Michelle is a sexy person that she can go anywhere with or with out makeup in any way.

  6. better to be a “nobody” than a friggin’ smarmy-ass jackass !!! go Michelle,give ’em hell darlin’:)

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