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Wow! The self indulgent Brandon Davis has finally paid attention. The photo above clearly indicates that Brandon has lost weight. We investigated and were told that he has indeed, lost over twenty pounds since Januuary. It seems those photos of him (see previous item about his lawsuit) ) coughing like a pig while on vacation in Hawaii, horrified him as much as it did us. He immediately cut back on his calories and has actually accomplished something for the first time we can remember. Maybe he should seek a deal with Jenny Craig.

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  1. First !! Why is he still so Sweaty?? And his face is still fat. He’s gross

  2. He is gross. I am sure he didn’t cut anything except extra lines of coke. He’s disgusting.

  3. He’s still a greasy, sweaty, disgusting waste of space and DNA.

  4. i forgot…why the hell is he famous????
    he is the heir like piss is the heiress?? isnt this old already?

  5. Paris – don’t bring that FIRST crap here – keep that sh!t for Perez Hilton & his manic fangurls…
    BD had body lipo.

  6. Drug dealers should never sample their own merchandise. Good for the waistline, but baaaaad for business.

  7. Who the fuck is Brandon Davis? Am I supposed to know him for some reason?

  8. Can’t you tell the difference between greasy bear and gummy bear. You loose all credibility when you report crap like this. Niether one of those sweaty fat fucks have lost nothing but money lately.

  9. Oh sure I could see the commercials already. Brandon yelling Jenny Craig is a fat firecrotch!

  10. Why are you even bothering with this nobody? No one cares! What has he ever accomplished that’s worth printing his name?

  11. He is Jabba the Hutt, Jr. Still a fat-headed, fat-gutted loser.

  12. Daily colonics……he’s scared sheetless of the mafia comin’ after him for the $75K.
    Cracked that caper.

  13. he might have lost a pound but he didnt lose much he is just wearing black. I still think he could be one of the best looking guys in hollywood if he stopped all the drinking and drugs and maintained a healthy diet and exercise. he doesnt have any thing else going for him, he may as well look good. how come these hollywood types are so stupid. their looks are really all they have so take care of them.

  14. Maybe he can lose some of the grease that pour off of his ugly face. There is something so creapy abut this slimey, useless dope-fiend.

  15. greasy bear is still gross, and always so sweaty

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