Now that Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds are “unofficially” married (the legal ceremony in the US is yet to come) we wonder if Tracey knows what she’s getting into. When Eddie was married to his wife Nicole, he was LORD AND MASTER around the house. According to an employee who worked in his house, persnickety Eddie has strict rules. He expected his beautiful wife Nicole to appear at the breakfast table every day with her makeup and hair DONE, and looking very together. But she was for his eyes only. He instructed every guy who worked at the house – gardeners, repairmen, pool men etc, NOT to look directly at her! Anyone caught staring at Nicole was instantly fired. We’re guessing he’ll have to lighten up on the rules with Tracey. But how does he explain Johnny Gill living in a wing of the house?

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  1. Eddie likes trannys.. Does the wife know or is she one?

  2. Johnny Gill is a wonderful singer who has 1200 times Eddie’s talent.

  3. Eddie may have married her, wink wink. he will stil continue to suck ====D on the downlow.

  4. I believe Norbit was an accurate lifestyle he wanted to live sans the morbidly obese look.

  5. Does Tracy have a skin condition? If you look around the area of her shoulders you will see that her skin is disclored.

  6. Eddie to Tracey:
    “Johnny is my longtime boyfriend.”
    End of explanation.

  7. What an asshole.
    And even though she has some sort of a “management” “career” ,
    all she does is marry guys with a high bank balance…(Baby Face…)
    They both deserve each other.
    His wife Nicole was too good for him. Having that brood of children to carry on his name. Maybe this time around he should keep it in his pants (when he’s with, ahem, women.)

  8. I don’t care about his lifesytyle just as long he can play funny roles. Trading Places, 48Hrs, and Coming to America.

  9. ….it is time for some “GROW UP-ACTING” ed!!
    Another option is:

  10. Typical black man wanting his gay sex on the side. anonymous
    Not only black men, , Tom Cruise and John Travalota and array of other white men that likes to suck.

  11. For sure, Eddie is on the DownLow. For sure, Tracey is a money-grubbing biotch. She knows his past, and doesn’t care. Hope he has tons of moola to pay for all those kids. What trash. Nicole should be so happy she got out.

  12. That what I like about gutless anonymous comments they have no ball to put their names on their comments. By the way, I give this marriage about 5 years at the most. The man never acknowledged his own child that he fathered!

  13. WTF….’gutless anonymous comments’.?? I am an American on a 3 month tour of Copenhagen, Denmark. Presently at a 5 star hotel in a little town 7 miles from Copenhagen. U want my name, phone, etc.?#@!*&^&*+

  14. Go back on tour, Secret Agent. Nobody cares about you, your cheesy bragging, or your worthless opinions.

  15. kait, sweetbuns, I was just answering Lenny of 6:24 AM., where he called us gutless. Did he want to come after us (those that he disagreed with.)? Let him come to Denmark. Tis better than working at McDonald’s or WalMart. Oh yes, it is nice to be goodlooking AND rich. ta ta

  16. Control Freak. Jerk. If I was married to Eddie I would him to grow up. You do not control anybody. You do not dictate on how someone lives and behaves. (Get a dog). I am glad his wife dumped his sorry ass excuse for a man.

  17. If you are interested in the real story about black men and gay sex, please read “On the Down Low: A Journey into the Lives of ‘Straight’ Black Men Who Sleep with Men” by James L. King. It is honestly written by a man engaged in this activity.

  18. Johnny Gill is Eddie’s man on the side. Johnny is a big grown man and should have is own place and be living on his own. The fact that he is there says a lot that he and Eddie are involved. Maybe Tracey does not mind this. Maybe she’s after the money, or maybe she is in on the situation and they have an understanding, or maybe she agreed to be his beard, or maybe she plays with women too. Who knows? I really don’t think this marriage is going to last very long anyway. It seems too that Eddie is a bit insecure when it comes to his significant others being around other people. Maybe that explains why he has Johnny living right there so he can always keep his eyes on him and control him in some way too, because they are lovers or something and he is very jealous of him. Tracey will probably face some of these rules too. Then he will have the best of both worlds living under one same roof. His roof. See what I mean? It is happening all over the entertainment business and sports business too. I heard about this book about black Down Low straight married men who sleep with men. It bet that book must be a good juicy sexy read. Where can you get it (book)? I would like to get myself a copy.

  19. Run Tracy, run. Follow Nicole. You won’t be ok with his lifestyle forever so get your Plan B in place now.

  20. If you are interested in the real story about black men and gay sex, please read “On the Down Low: A Journey into the Lives of ‘Straight’ Black Men Who Sleep with Men” by James L. King. It is honestly written by a man engaged in this activity.

  21. Any truth to the rumor that there has already been a split between Tracey and Eddie and that there may not be a VALID wedding in the US?
    That Eddie and his Mother left the island in a huff when Tracey attempted to fire people on Eddie’s payroll and replace them with her relatives?

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