Dina Lohan’s startling interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show was more revealing than she ever imagined. Matt approached the subject of Lindsay’s substance problems with concern, but Dina’s attitude was hostile and dismissive from the get-go. When Matt pointed out that Lindsay had been in rehab FOUR times, Dina insisted it was TWO times, but he documented each of Lindsay’s visits. Dina couldn’t admit she was wrong and went on to deny that her daughter had serious drug issues and blamed everyone – including the judge – for Lindsay’s dilemma. Her chilling denial made the viewer feel even sorrier for the pathetic Lindsay. You got the distinct feeling that Dina would much rather talk about HERSELF than her daughter.


  1. Dina sees her daughter (and all her other children) as a meal ticket. She is not going to do anything to jeopardize this, so she has been the world’s most permissive parent (not to mention one of the world’s worst parents) from the year dot. Someone has to pay for all of Dina’s designer clothes, first class and private air travel, hotels, food, cell phone, hair stylists, etc, etc. The coke doesn’t pay for itself. She will work Lindsay into an early grave all the while claiming that there is no issue and her daughter does not have any kind of problems – substance abuse or otherwise.
    She is a disgusting excuse for a human being – a narcissistic piece of trash. Lindsay needs to get through rehab and get far, far away from Dina and her useless father, too.

  2. i read a transcript o m g
    no wonder lindsey is so fucked up
    this woman is DELUSIONAL
    how can she possibly believe the dreck she spews?
    whatever. every time one of the LOWhans farts
    it becomes breaking freaking news
    i could care LESS about any of these …..things. it is a shame she is given access and idiots actually interview her and put her on tv. where is the value??

  3. Dina’s other children have proven to be lame ducks, so Dina is protecting her meal ticket.

    Get well soon Lindsay! Mama needs a new B-mer!!!!

  4. Dina is VERY clearly on DRUGS. She is beyond ridiculous!!

    Judge(s): MAKE DINA TAKE A DRUG TEST!! Send HER to rehab with her kid!

  5. What a stupid women dina is- she is the prime example of what every mother should not be.Her bad parenting skills is the only form of consistency she is dedicated to that will ultimately lead to a destructive path for Lindsay.

  6. The Lohan kids really lost out on parents, they are both hideous people

  7. Isn’t Lindsay 24 years old?? Why is she still being spoken for by her Mommy? They all behave as if Linds is a 5 year old “acting out”. Parenting ended a looooong time ago, people! And yes, Dina is vile.

  8. Dina sat back, watched and enabled her once talented daughter turn herself into a modern day “Neely O’Hara”. Of course she’s going shift the blame on everyone but herself or put the blame on “The Propaganda”.
    If Lindsay gets better, the first thing she’ll realize is “Wow, my parents have be using me for years. Perhaps I need to move on and start focusing on becoming a healthy adult!” And with that, comes the end of the $$$.

  9. In my personal opinion Dina is a total narcissist who just wants Lindsay to work so she can keep living high on the hog on her back. Dina has NEVER had a JOB. She claimed she was a Rockette back in the day but that has been proven to be a lie. Her dad in my opinion is a total sociopath with the same parasitic tendencies which means Lindsay is DOOMED unless she cuts herself off from them both and gets some serious psychological help.

  10. none of the above wishes hopes dreams and thoughts about what lindsey should do which is ditch her family will NEVER happen.
    everyone is right….. her parents are attention whore scum….. she hates her father and refers to dina as Mommy.( its ok, its sweet i guess)she talks about mommy like she is mother teresa , she’s got a very strange bond with that woman…..
    she is 24 and a hot mess. the system is totally setting her up for an early death by overdose or car wreck by not making her do all her time and letting her out early from jail and rehab…… wait and see how much money her manager mommy will get her for her interviews about her court jail and rehab orDEALS and whatever else they can all wring out of it….. she’s old enough to make her own decisions but the ones she makes are all shitty ones.
    Lindsey is DUNZO.

  11. Compare Lindsay’s case to that of Redmond O’Neal.

    Redmond was the son of two famous people, his crimes were less serious (not to take away from the seriousness of them), yet he was committed to a court-ordered lockdown for at least a year.

    And basically, Lindsay waltzes. Too bad she didn’t end up with Redmond’s judge. Maybe then she would have a chance.

  12. Dina definitely wants to keep Lindsay under her thumb…she’ll deny it, but she is enjoying the ride her infamous daughter is taking her on. She likes to be in the spotlight. Maybe Lindsay will wake up and get away from her, and it may take catching mommy in bed with her own boyfriend flava of the month. Lindsay needs a full time sensible mentor to be with her for at least 3 months. Rehab doesnt’t work at least so far.

  13. ….And, in the meantime, little sister Ali, age 14, or 15 (?) has more than likely been drawn into the cesspool of men, sex, drugs, partying. Are there any grannies and grampas to help, or are they all infected with the Lohan curse.

  14. Dina’s got some many personality disorders no one could keep track of them all.

  15. Ugh….Ryan O’Neil and Michael Lohan are like the same creepy person. Ryan is so creepy he hit on his OWN DAUGHTER at Farrah’s funeral. Gross!!!! I have a bad feeling there are a lot of Mackenzie Phillips out there if you get my drift.

  16. Michael K of DListed has the best name for Dina: Enablerham Lincoln. Completely accurate as well as hilarious.
    It’s no wonder Lindsay turned out as she has. She never stood a chance with the parents she has.

  17. Saw the interview and my jaw was on the floor. Dina is a piece of garbage and her so-called ex-husband is slime. She just join Brook Shields mom, Britney’s Mom. Jennifer Capriati’s dad, Michael Jackson’s dad, and the list goes on.

  18. who is the beneficiaries on the life insurance policies?

    linds is a grown up and have to take responsibility for her actions, regardless of her crappy parents!

  19. With the type of parents Lindsay has no wonder she is where she is now. Best treatment for Lindsay is to stay away from Hollywood and her family.

  20. Dina’s claws will never be out of Lindsay’s hide.

  21. Lindsay will NEVER get better with a mom like Dina. This is why she will fail when she gets out of rehab- she will go right back into the bad environment she has been living in for years. While Lindsay might TRY to get better, and maybe actually WANT to get better (hard to say), she will NEVER get better while Dina is around her. Because Dina is a delusional bitch who enables Lindsay’s bad behaviour, parties with her, allows her to live at the Chateau Marmont at age 16, and get away with anything she wants. Lindsay will be drugged up in 2-3 months after getting outta rehab, if not sooner. And probably dead before 28…

  22. Gollywood Rehab centers are nothing more than snobby little glitzy centers that are pocketing at least $30,000 a month per patient. Someone should investigate exactly what these places do. Most everyone that comes out of them fall back into the same routine in 3-4 months. It’s kinda like when you lose 50 pounds and then gain it all back….and more.

  23. ….Also, I saw on TMZ or somewhere that Dina used Lindsay’s fame to get her whorish ass in some la-te-da NY nightclub. (this was before her stint in jail). Dina needs to go to jail and kept there until she understands how to be a parent, but it’s probably too late.

  24. …and finally (maybe) she needs the fear of God Almighty put into her heart and mind. Whether one believes in heaven or hell, or not, this is the only way that will snap her out of the demon influences within her. So I suggest a loving yet strict old-timey church mother to keep her for about 6 months and put the love (and fear) of the Almighty in her. Forget re-hab, as stated above, all they do is take the money.

  25. Well, at least we know Lindsay isn’t paying for Mommy Dearest’s plastic surgery. That is one tough living face, Dina!

  26. Strom, Hollywood people are freaks raises an interesting detail. Lindsay is more a mess because her father is a classic Irish American stereotype, like Ryan O’Neil.

  27. Dina, you look like crap in the picture above. Wow! The bags under your eyes are hideous. Better get to a plastic surgeon asap.

  28. strom, we have to talk again. I didn’t even know what you were talking about until I looked it up and realize you’re talking about Jews. Bro, you really got alot of racial stuff inside you and I hope you feel better now that you got that out. Wow!

  29. Who smells a conservatorship? Who? WHO?

    I think that’s why Michael has been blabbing to the press and trying to yammer about anything and everything he possibly can — he saw Jamie Spears and said “I want that” and tried to copy him.

    I think Michael is an even worse attempted-pimp of his daughter than the mother is. I feel like at least the mother loves her and tries her version of “protecting” her, in her distorted, delusional, effed-up way.

    But you guys are right, these poor kids really lost out in the parental lottery.

  30. After watching the latest Lohan parent fame grab, all I could think was: God help Lindsay b/c no one she currently knows is going to.

  31. Agreed, Dina only wanted to talk about how awful the judge was, well not really she blew off a court date didn’t complete a year program in 3 years, that’s why the judge was pissed. Lilo put herself on the 12 year plan. Redmond brought drugs into a jail, that is a 6 year prison offense and he most certainly did get off easier than if he was a regular Joe Blow, believe that. They have different problems, he’s a drug addict she’s been supporting her family since she was 3 years old and there is no end to that in sight either. Both parents are leeches and “mommy” is the clear winner in the enabler race. There is no jackpot, no great role that will revive her career, no RDJ reality check and resurrection, there are a couple more straight to DVD films, some more magazine covers and loads of web site documentation of you slipping inelegantly into obscurity. It’s a slow mo car wreck – very sad but still most likely fatal.

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