Annette Bening has learned to accept her daughter Kathlyn’s desire for a sex change, and she is going to pay for it. According to The Enquirer, Warren Beatty has yet to come to terms with Kathlyn’s decision and wants to put off the inevitable as long as possible. The 18 year old college student is already calling herself “Stephen” in preparation for the gender reassignment surgery but didn’t know how she was going to pay for it. She wants to get it over with as soon as she can. Annette is helping to research the best doctors and options and she’s pushing Warren to accept his new “son.”

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  1. Good on her!! Annette, I mean. I’m not sure if I personally 100% agree with sex change operations, but if this is what will make this young person happy, then I`m all for it. Each to their own.

  2. 18 is too young. What if she changes her mind in a few years? I would have paid for a psychiatrist instead.

  3. Good for her, are you kidding? Look at Cher, she looks like life kicked her in the ass. You never see her in public like you did so much in past. If you got a daughter look at her ask yourself would say go for it and good for me? Warren is acting like anyone of would do.

  4. The kid’s walk and arm placement looks more like a really out-of-the-closet femmy man. Didn’t Warren get a waitress pregnant in the last few years?

  5. It is one thing to be born this way and manifest the specific behavior since always and another to wake up suddenly that ure a transgender. In most cases the ppl belonging to the last category suffered abuse/had a strong shock. I believe this happened to KATHLYN. Its all too sudden and too rushy and mind u, shes just a teenager.

  6. this girl is 18 and not a teenager. any respectable doctor will put her through psych evaluation tests before actually doing surgery. regardless how soon stephen may want to have it!

  7. may i ask wtf >>>> ” Good for her, are you kidding? Look at Cher, she looks like life kicked her in the ass. You never see her in public like you did so much in past.” <<<<<

    has to do with this story? did i miss something? cher looks a million times better than her severely obese daughter son uh whatever…..

    as far as warren I understand his despair of course…..a father being crushed at his child's gender transition is not necessarily an inappropriate reaction. After all, a parent has a lifetime of experience and expectations for their child, and a lot of emotional investment in the relationship.

    Being crushed is a genuine emotional response, not a judgment. but Annette is being a MOM as she should no matter how hard it is. BTW The last name Stephen chose: IRA is Warren and Shirley's fathers first name. I thought that was cool.

    also: the truth of reactions on the part of people/family to the news of someone coming out as Trans. Sadly more often than not they would rather you continued to live in agony to keep them more comfortable….. than try to seek a correction to that, adding to the misunderstanding surrounding the condition of being Transgender.

    blessings on the Beatty family.

  8. btw again Kathlyn was Warren and Shirley’s Mothers name, who this child was named for….
    it just struck me that she was given her grandmothers name and now she is using her grandfather’s name with this change…..

    I bet Shirley has a LOT to say about this and all of it…..great insights! wish i knew what she was thinking!

    peace and love to all!

  9. Kathlyn’s gender issues are the least of her problems. Her previous school could not handle her because she was very disruptive, which is why she had to go finish her education elsewhere. She needs a personality change rather than a sex change. A very domineering personality who thinks she knows it all. Being extremely intelligent does not equal being an expert on everything. Long sessions with a psychiatrist would be a good start for her.

  10. hi pricilla
    so, were you one of her teachers or counselors at this school? did you work there in any capacity? how do you have this info?one of your kids go there with her or something?

    i am sure therapy will be on going for her of course….its a huge issue.

    as far as her disruptive know it all
    personality traits look to her parents
    BOTH of them. this apple landed IN the tree not close to it…. BIG TIME.

    perhaps the traits you bring up might have something to do with her gender personalities/issues/confusions and trying to figure it out, fit in, frustration, fear, and coping with that?
    not to mention now being constant fodder for the general public, having her family’s BIZ spread all over the internet.

    i wouldn’t be too happy about that alone, in itself!

  11. Hi PitBullLover,

    The difference with her parents, at least her father, is that he does know what he’s talking about when he gives his opinion on something. The daughter THINKS she knows what she’s talking about when she gives her opinion and an even bigger difference is that both parents are able to listen and debate/discuss with people in a respectful way, whereas the daughter – not just due to her age – really seems to believe that other people’s opinions are not to be taken too seriously. I hope for her and her family’s sake (especially her younger siblings) that long years of therapy will bring her back to earth and will result in a productive life.

  12. hi Priscilla
    again, i ask
    HOW DO YOU KNOW These personal behaviors??
    how do you know her history at schools?
    how do you know her behavior at home with her family or with friends or other people?
    seriously that’s all i want to know.
    i would really love to know how you got this info. have a great evening!! or morning or whatever time it is where you are…… Peace.

  13. I saw a show on Lifetime tv recently about people who had sex changes and ended up regretting it. Many of them had it done because of psychological problems that they thought the surgery would solve and didn’t. Also, when one has a sex change sexual function is severely diminished which depressed many of the people that had it done. This is not something an 18 year old should be having done. No one knows shit about life at 18. If she changes her mind in a few years they won’t be able to undo it.

  14. Can’t help feeling that our ever-narrowing ideas about gender are making the whole problem worse.

  15. It’s not our narrowing ideas about gender, it’s about how the rules of life have changed and if you don’t accept it you’re a bigot or anti-something. Not all people are going to accept everything that’s coming down the pike. Gay marriage and then polygamy is next. Why not?

  16. I don’t have kids, so I can’t even imagine what its like to have a child go thru a sex reassignment. I wish the family well, I hope its able to weather this and stay together. I hope they are all going thru counseling or some arrangement to help them. It can’t be easy, and I wish them well. Good luck!

  17. Clementine, I don’t have kids either and am glad—too much weird stuff going on nowadays. I’ve got plenty to do without diapers, throwing up, squalling, worrying, no way Jose. I do, however, like to hold a fat-cheek baby about 7 or 8 months old for a while, and then give it back. LOL

  18. Lenny, I think it is bigotted to not try to understand something, and to just condemn it as bad or evil.

    Your thinking ties in exactly with what I was saying about narrowing ideas about gender. The average person makes no effort to understand the complexities of life, or to even pretend to. Instead they believe it is all black and white, and/or look for some type of “magic”. We are entering, if not already in the midst of, a dark ages.

  19. There are so many types of sexual identification that it boggles the mind. All you have to do is work with the public, and it will be part of required staff development.

  20. This is simply disgusting and occurs mainly in Amerrica.

  21. Sebastian, remember those words. The problem with society is they’ve had to try and understand everything, but no one understands them. We are told that if we don’t let the country of Mexico come here we’re bigots. We’re told if we don’t give handouts to people were not kind. Let people marry animals, if we don’t in the future, PETA will say we’re bigoted towards animals. People can’t stand for anything or they’ll be called bigots.

  22. Lenny, it is called compassion. One does not have to jump on a bandwagon to practice it. One need not agree with something to care about those involved. Each successive generation has a harder time understanding this. Old fashioned religion used to say that what separated us from the animals was the fact that we have souls and they do not. Ha! At this point animals have more of a soul than the average person.

  23. One more thing Lenny. What is education and learning without a desire to understand?

    Dark Ages! Dark Ages!

    you are alowed to puke though!!

  25. “Gender reassignment” is a scam. It’s just some plastic surgery counterfeit, not a real change of sex. The reality is way different than the fantasy.

    If the girl wants to be free from her gender, she can dress and act however she wants, sleep with whomever. No plastic surgery frankenstein operation will make her anything that she isn’t already.

  26. I agree with the posters who say 18 is too young. It really is. She has not even begun to experience life and if, down the line, she wishes to go ahead with the surgery, she’ll be in a better position to know why. At 18? I’m sorry. She’s still a kid no matter what age the government declares you are an adult.

  27. Jane, exactly. And more and more “transgender” people are coming to believe that also – choosing to keep the genetalia that God/Nature gave them, but live as the opposite sex, or rather take on the camp role for the opposite sex. Gender roles are all B.S. anyway. Did we not realize this after the sexual revolution and the cultural fallout (gender bending up the wazoo, etc.)?

  28. None of this happens overnight. There are psychiatrists, doctors, testing, testing, testing and then more testing just for the concerns stated, you can’t go back. If your mind and personality thought is was in the wrong body for you entire life don’t you think it would cause personality problems, it does. I worked with someone who was going threw a gender change, woman to man. She literally went insane at one point because of the testosterone, she became angry, violent and cried constantly out of frustration, it was interesting to observe but even spending part of the day with him/her was a nightmare – never mind what her family had to deal with. She was a miserable person to start with and wanting to be something so drastically different, taking hormones made her/him even worse.

    You love your child, so you would do anything to make them happy but there is a high cost, emotionally and financially. I am sure there are many days they wish she was simply gay and able to accept that and not want the full change – something in her doesn’t match what is in her head, and so far no amount of therapy seems to be able to rechange the way they think of themselves or their gender. Do I feel sorry for her family, of course I do, I feel sorry for her as well because she wakes up feeling like she is in a body that makes her sick. What she will end up as nobody knows but her family is trying and has the money to help make her life what she thinks she was meant to be, for that she is very fortunate. Most people have compassion for others it’s what we are taught if we had a normal upbringing. I wish them all well.

  29. Please use the correct name and pronouns. You are not speaking about a woman named Kathlyn, you are speaking about a man named Stephen. Therefore, Benning is not paying for her daughter’s “sex change surgery” (a misnomer), she is paying for her son’s hysterectomy and top surgery.

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