This architectural yacht is off the Malibu coast right now and we can’t believe our eyes. Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, 38, had Philippe Starck design this 317 million dollar yacht that looks more like a spaceship than a sailing ship. It costs 20 million a year just to maintain. The futuristic white 23,600 sq ft interior has floor to ceiling bomb proof glass and white calfskin on the walls. The bed in the Master rotates and a 60 inch plasma TV retracts from the ceiling. Some of the bathroom fixtures cost $40,000 and security cameras are watching every crevice. Andrey is reserved, he doesn’t entertain much, – he just likes to sail around with his crew of 37 and his supermodel wife.

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  1. I wish someone would explain to me how all these russians became billionaires 5 minutes after the iron curtain fell. WTF.

  2. I know ya’ll will hate me for saying this, but that floating mansion is freakin’ awesome! Wow…I can’t even imagine living like that…

  3. Janice, those guys are crooks, no, CROOKS. They make the robber barons of the past look like boy scouts. Bet you could calculate how many people got bumped off for each square foot of that tub.

  4. I was wondering how so many of them becamse so rich, too!

  5. This kind of obsess is pretty stark in comparison to the images coming out of Haiti. I would like to see some investigative journalism around these Russian riches—and the trend of slavic wives and gold-diggers taking over America as well. The middle class in this country deserves better than this attempt to make us envious of this kind of obscene display of excess. It sickens.

  6. I’m with Clementine. That yacht is awesome! I’m not commenting on where the dude got his money or any of the other issues….just that the yacht is gorgeous.

  7. There’s some pretty stark images coming out of Russia, and the former Soviet Union.

  8. Russia and many other eastern block countries never had an evolution of the middle class. There are all kinds of repercussions to something like that. Unfortunately it is the more developed west that is facing many of those repercussions.

  9. We saw this boat off the Galapagos Islands a couple of weeks ago. We called it Dr. No’s boat. Seems all the more appropriate now.

  10. With mega yachts come mega problems. Sometimes it’s not so great to be mega rich, although I’d like to see the world on this big dude for a month or so. lol

  11. I think its hideous. If I could afford a yacht, it would look like a boat, not an ice scraper, and have nice decks so you could enjoy your time outside. This creepy looking thing would give me claustrophobia the way its all closed up. And bomb proof glass? How many families did this creep destroy to get so rich? No thanks.

  12. Captain America, are you talking about your testicles?

  13. Janet why don’t you dig a little deeper and explain to us how such a young guy got such an obscene amount of money in such a short amount of time. Do some real reporting!

  14. Kylie, that is not really Janet’s job – she is a celebrity gossip columnist. Besides, this sort of thing is common knowledge.

    I am surprised that people do not know about these Russian robber barons and/or are shocked. And it is not just Russians, but South Asians, Chinese, South Americans. And western countries, instead of trying to instill/inject ethics in these emerging economies, just see them – with all their evil and corruption – as useful templates for economic development. Do people not realize that the ideals of democracy, meritocracy, human rights, etc., have long faded.

    Welcome to the new world order.

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