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Three things we didn’t know about Modern Family star Sofia Vergara: 1: She has an eighteen year old son for her first marriage to her high school sweetheart. 2: In 2002 she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. 3: She’s a natural blonde and has to dye her hair dark to get work in Hollywood because she is Colombian. Sofia’s English isn’t exactly perfect – when she shops in Beverly Hills she prefers to have a Spanish speaking clerk wait on her.


  1. “1: She has an eighteen year old son for her first marriage to her high school sweetheart.”

    Her son is the result of a rape. But official sources wont tell u that, dont worry.

  2. My heart goes out to anyone with cancer, a very ugly disease indeed. I wouldn’t ever guess that she’s a blond, I guess you have check the carpet to be for sure. XYZ, you’re saying she was raped by her husband?

  3. I think she is just gorgeous and seems to be a person who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

  4. XYZ, are you sure of this. I know that she once made a rather inappropriate joke about rape (in think on The View) when someone said she seemed to young to have an adult child.

    People always say they are really blonde, or fair, because they were blond as young children, which is very common and makes about 70% of us natural blondes. Bull!

  5. i think it’s stupid that people don’t realize that columbians can’t be natural blonds. way to go hwood. hwood stereotypes won’t die.

  6. funky booty, very few people are naturally blonde after their early twenties. Even most very blonde people turn dark in their thirties and forties. My comment had nothing to do with her being Columbian. Haven’t you noticed that all those famous blonde Scandinavians (See ABBA, the Cardigans, Ace of Base, Roxette, etc.) tend to have very dark roots?

  7. I love her accent when she speaks english.

    As well as being a stunner, Sofia comes across as a likeable person. I enjoy watching her in Modern Family.

  8. THAT is why I didn’t recognize her as “Sofia vegara.” I forgot that she used to have blonde hair!

  9. I really like Modern Family, but think Sofia was even better in Hot Properties (a kind of updated version of Designing Women).

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