Dr Frank Ryan’s shocking death has taken a mysterious turn since self-described “Celebrity Publicist” Charmaine Blake popped up, claiming to be his ex-girlfriend and having inside information on his death. Charmaine told People she lived with Frank from 2003 to 2006, but it was a well kept secret. Since police had already announced that Ryan had tweeted a photo of his dog before the crash, it wasn’t hard to guess that might have CAUSED the crash. Charmaine authoritatively declared that texting is what killed the plastic surgeon. She’s probably right, but it’s a logical guess. (If Ryan’s jeep had had a roof he might have survived the crash.) The late Dr Ryan will tragically become the poster boy for texting while driving. And Charmaine got her own name out there.



  1. She was probably so secret he didn’t know about her. I’m still mad he almost killed that innocent dog. Tweeting, what a mindless thing to do.

  2. I have only phoned someone while driving once and will never do it again. I can see how someone in a deep conversation can easily get their mind off traffic. And tweeting is the worse, I don’t even tweet, facebook, my space, or any of that new-fangled stuff.

  3. i don’t get it. he took a pix of his dog on the sand on the bluff……so the dog was OUT of the car?? then he crashed his car….. wtf was he doing driving while his dog was NOT in the car with him and taking he pix while he was driving?? it makes no sense…
    maybe this is because i would never have my dog away from me like that or something…
    this was what i read:
    According to law enforcement, Dr. Ryan’s Jeep went over the side of Pacific Coast Highway yesterday at around 4:30 PM. The Jeep landed on rocks and lifeguards initially tried to help Ryan, to no avail.

    Ryan, who was 50, was trapped in the vehicle and had major head injuries. Ryan was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Minutes before the crash, Ryan Tweeted, “After 25 years of driving by, I finally hiked to the top of the giant sand dune on the pch west of Malibu. Much harder than it looks! Whew!”

    Ryan’s last Tweet before he died, “Border collie jill surveying the view from atop the sand dune.” Ryan posted the picture below with his Tweet. Law enforcement tells us the dog was injured but survived.

  4. The dog was in the car, and was rescued from the ocean.

  5. Frankly, when people who use mobile devices while driving only kill themselves, it is a good thing. It thins the herd. Morons one and all.

  6. I drive a stick shift and cannot text or talk on the phone while driving. I am not that coordinated. I’m sorry he crashed down the cliff, that had to be frightening and horrible. And a Jeep is no protection whatsoever. They are fun vehicles, but not great for roll over accidents…

    Don’t text and drive kids!

  7. And, if this woman did live with him for years, why would it have been kept a secret?

  8. She looks like a tranny…….likely she was his g/f only in the sense that the “doc” had paid for her ass a couple of times and she was “blackmailing” or “blackmaleing” him for some money. Next week it will be Dennis ROdman or some NBA players.

  9. I not sure but this does sound like suicide, I maybe wrong but you never know.

  10. Have any of you checked out Charmaine’s website? She’s a joke!! She’s not very articulate when she speaks. I don’t understand how she’s even making a living. Her client list is nothing but D-listers, has been’s. To hire her as your PR person you had to sunk pretty low.
    Oprah will be all over the Dr. Ryan story she is a major campaigner for no texting while driving. I guess Dr. Ryan never signed her petition.

  11. Since he is a famous plastic surgeon I would think that she would look better than she does if she were his girlfriend for years. She could scare a dog off of a meat truck.

  12. She is a piece of work! Her website is laughable. I mean — Jodi Sweetin?

  13. Hey, he WAS a joke also. I mean, doctors – regardless of their specialty – are supposed to be low-key, button-down, and respectable. And in the U.S. they make more than enough money. Why did he have to try to become a publicity whore with the whole Heidi Montag thing? Douche!

  14. P.S. he was probably just the type of white guy who chases after black women – a chocoholic.

    You got vanilla in my chocolate.

    Well, you got chocolate on my vanilla.


  15. When the open Jeep went end-over-end over the rocks, the dog was flung out into the ocean. That’s probably the only reason that the dog survived.

  16. Did the sharks get the dog? Did the sharks get the dog??? Tell me the sharks got the dog!!!

  17. Has anyone looked at this pic carefully? Look at her arms. They’re all spotted and gross! Before I even saw the spots though, I was thinking what somebody already posted…if she lived with a renowned plastic surgeon, why does she look like THAT??! Seriously??!

    This chick is delusional. She reminds me of that head case who claimed to be the love child of MJ and Diana Ross’ sister.

  18. @Lisa, those spots are reflections from “her” sequin dress.

    Dr. =tranny chaser

  19. Mel Z nailed it…..just like the doc had been doing for some length of time. She = He

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