Lindsay Lohan has a lot to be happy about – her doctors are expected to spring her from rehab after 30 days instead of 90, and she has piles of money waiting for her on the outside. According to The Hollywood Reporter, OK Magazine has offered Lindsay a million dollars for her first interview. Right after she’s released she could pocket up to $100,000 for appearances. Her mother Dina is probably already lining up opportunities for her.


  1. i guess all the pain suffering crappy parents bullshit court dramatic bad press et al makes it all worth it in the end after all…

    who the F is paying all these court costs and attorney$??? that cannot be cheap….

    personally i am LOHAN’d OUT

  2. Instead of earning money from her talents Lindsay will be earning money from her screwups. Stepping it down Lindsay!

  3. When she first went into rehab, they swore it would be not a day less than 90 days. Liars, all of them, including Lindsay who has given multiple interviews in the past denying almost everything about booze, drugs, boyfriends, lesbos. It is way past time for the fall of the Lohan clan.

  4. Lindsay is the 21st century Marilyn Monroe. No one gives a shit about her, and does not care where she ends up, and if she had one onze of self awareness she would realize this and take control of her life. As it is, she will either overdose or die in a car crash. And then million can idolize her as a beautiful tragedy. Humanity is sick-making.

  5. I don’t think there is anybody who cares if she gets clean or not. Maybe that Sam Ronson, but Lindsay sounds like she treated her badly too.

  6. I don’t think Lindsay is as iconic as Marilyn Monroe; she hasn’t screwed any presidents, heads of state, famous playwrights, or heroic sports figures. But if she does kill herself in the near future we will be hammered over the head relentlessly and forever by Entertainment Tonight. Now that would be painful, like what ET did with that blond Boop.

  7. It must be nice that all of you haters out there have never had a problem or made a mistake! I was never a LiLo fan until I saw how good she was in “Prairie Home Companion.” I hope she gets her life in order, as I do for anyone suffering from addiction or mental health issues. As for the million-dollar payday, hey, if magazines or TV shows are that stupid to waste their money like that, Lindsay should laugh all the way to the bank.

  8. Jerry: I agree about 75% of your comment. You could compare Lindsay to a cat, as it seems she has used up about 6 or 7 of the 9 lives.

  9. I used to hate Lindsay Logan and all her bad behavior. Now I just don’t care and find it all funny that she keeps wasting her time with booze and drugs. if she wants to kill herself, fine. why should I care about her if she won’t care about herself. the ONLY reason she’s in rehab is cause she was forced by the court. shell be out and drunk soon enough. giving an addict all that money won’t do her any good. oh well

  10. No one cares about her, so why should she care about herself…. Just sayin

    think about it folks.

  11. As soon as I see anybody write the word “haters”, I stop reading

  12. Indy, LOL. The cat comparison was great.

    Lindsay is like one of those cats that is so wacked out it is like are cartoon. You half expect it to run round in circles so fast it screws itself into the ground, or burst into flames.

    (at least the FAGGOTS)

  14. Now this bitch is an insult to hard-working citizens trying to make ends meet. FUCK those people who would be willing to pay her anything for an interview. This waste of space needs to be told “NO” and often.

    Don’t compare this trash to Marilyn Monroe. That was a low blow to Marilyn.

  15. Sally, I only meant that, like Marilyn she has no one in her life that cares for her – everyone is using her.

    However, also, you have to admit Lindsay has great talent, and once had incredible appeal. Like Monroe her FULL potential will never be realized.

    Also, if you know all of Marilyn Monroes history, you cannot really say that Lindsay is anymore of a mess than Monroe. Though, I guess one might argue that Monroe’s problems were from serious psycological problem while Lindsay is just a brat. I don’t know though.

  16. Lindsay is a brat. Marilyn didn’t have anyone. Her mother was in the looney bin and her father wasn’t present. She didn’t really have family. Also Marilyn inherited her mother’s psychological issues. Hers is a sad story.

    Lindsay is a waste of space. There are many other actresses with much more talent that deserve all the opps this dummy got, but aren’t lucky enough to get. That’s what annoys me is this trick was given many chances to clean up her act and didn’t bother. So BOO HOO, she’s just another moron who blew a good thing that millions of people would be grateful for.

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