Denzel Washington and Mel Gibson were both in Las Vegas last week doing a little “male bonding” with their sons. Denzel brought his wife and kids to watch his son Malcolm play in a big high school basketball tournament, and the family took in several shows. Party loving Denzel also made a point to visit Blush and turned up at Tryst nightclub at 2 AM. Mel Gibson celebrated his son Louis’s 21st birthday at the Wynn hotel – Mel and his boys were seen gambling at the roulette table at 3 AM. They were boisterous and having a lot of fun. (Mel was drinking coffee.)The guys partied, visited the gym and the spa, ate in the best restaurants, and generally had a good time hanging out together. Everybody behaved.

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  1. They partied……the particulars of ALL that happened at the parties stayed (as they say) in Vegas.

  2. What does the term “partied” even mean anymore? Does it mean that you left your house and were in a public venue, or is there something more specific implied?

  3. Best actors ever especially Mel Gibson, a genius

  4. mel is a great humanitarian too.He just doesn’t do it in front of the cameras. A class act.

  5. Another “SIGNAL” we’re talking here of:
    “MEL the RACIST”!!

  6. Denzel is a terrible man. Mel Gibson is a hero. He has single handedly saved our precious Britney Spears.

  7. Yes, Mel does a lot of good things that are hardly reported. And in fact you have to believe that people are never unfair or that drunk people are never unfair to see that one-time drunken remark as proof someone is a racist. And that itself Gerard Vandenberg is prejudice. When such apparent facts have to be left out to prove one’s point one has already lost the debate. A lot is misrepresented to prove one’s case when it comes to Mel Gibson.
    In vino veritas, as in, drunks tell the truth? The truth is that just like alcohol isn’t intelligent enough to effect the functioning of just one leg, it isn’t intelligent enough to effect just one of the standards we normally set, it effects them all. It can unlock the key that normally prevents us from speaking certain truths, it can also however lower our threshold in the exact opposite way and make us yield to becoming unfair, taking a cheap shot when we feel bullied and attacked. And I don’t think anyone could honestly maintain they wouldn’t feel that way if ever arrested, even if the reason is just, it’s just an instinctive human reaction to having your freedom taken away. And it was a once in a life time event that shouldn’t be misrepresented as the opposite, a characteristic trait. That’s another misrepresentation of facts.
    And for all he fans out there who say let bygones be bygones, I agree. The problem is that especially those who really believe they have something to fear from Mel Gibson won’t be done attacking him until they actually understand he is no threat at all. And when people keep misrepresenting facts it doesn’t help Mel Gibson’s case.

  8. Re: 8:35, 8:37 and 2:57:
    Hey, who knew Mel Gibson even read this site, let alone commented? Have another drink, Mel, and then blame your homophobia and anti-Semitism on the booze, you saggy hypocrite. Just as a reminder, the Jesus you claim to worship was a Jew. Bet that galls you, huh?

  9. The Jew that mel worships is the Jew that worships god, not the hollywood jew that worships money that’s the difference. two kinds of jew.

  10. two kinds of jew.

    And only one kind of idiot YOU

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