Not many people are accused of owing 150 million in taxes so we were somewhat impressed to learn that Crocodile Dundee’s Paul Hogan was a wanted man in Australia. His first Crocodile movie pulled in around 328 million (although who really knows because the figures might have been jiggled a bit.) His two following Croc movies didn’t do as well but they made a nice profit. For the past seven years Paul has been pursued by the Australian income tax people. (He compared them to the Taliban.) He was accused of concealing money in offshore accounts. The issue was recently settled with no details forthcoming. Paul and his wife Linda have been living in Malibu and making even more money by buying and selling properties in the US. According to Richard Mineards at The Montecito Journal, the Hogans just sold a Santa Barbara beachfront property for 12.9 million, so who needs crocodiles…(Above with their son Chance, Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan)

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  1. don’t panic, the Croc’s are still there………….

  2. I can’t recognize her. She has changed her looks so much since the Crocodile Dundee movies.

  3. Didn’t Crocodile Dundee dump his wife and seven kids for his hot young co-star? That’s what someone told me.

  4. Dianne: Per Wiki he has 5 kids with his first wife. I can remember her being interviewed (can’t remember her name). She said she was totally crushed when Paul left her for Linda, she was blindsided and had no clue he was having an affair.

    Linda has had so much surgery, she is totally unrecognizable. This makes Paul look like her grandpappy. lol

  5. Forgot to add:

    I can remember the first movie he made with Linda. She was leaning over some murky water in a tiny bikini with her huge fat ass hanging out. A croc (this one wasn’t real) jumped out of the water toward her and our hero wrestled the beast and saved her. This must have been when the adulterous affair started. ):

  6. My God! The woman is absolutely unrecognizable! At first glance, I thought it was Tina Turner! She looked way better before all the facial surgery and the plastic t*ts!

  7. I think it turned out that the accountant had been embezzling the money that was supposed to go to the tax man…….he is still missing with the cash the Sth America or the Caribbean.

    Lind looks like across between Tina Turner Raquel Welch and Sofia Loren (all aged 70+)

  8. yeah, I didn’t even know who she was….He looks ancient.

  9. Yes, and a rib removed ala Raquel Welch. Does wonders for the waistline.

  10. She looks however she looks but they are still together. I guess they had a real connection that time or plastic surgery could not separate. Sometimes you meet someone like that in your life and you connect and stay together forever. Good luck to them. I think they both look happy together.

  11. They do look happy together. At least they’ve stayed together all these years, which is a lot more than I can say for most actors.

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