Guy Ritchie and his live-in fiancée Jacqui Ainsley are still the picture of unmarried bliss. His divorce from Madonna seems to be the best thing that ever happened to him. Guy and model Jacqui started dating in 2010 and have two children already – a son Rafael, 20 months old, and a seven month old daughter. Somehow they’ve managed to keep their little girl’s name a secret for all this time. (Above, Guy and Jacqui at the Man of Steel premier in London. Below, Jacqui and their kids in Beverly Hills.)

Top Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. Those two babies look just like madonnas little Rocco.

  2. She is hot and smart. Start right away with golddigger 101. 2 kids as soon as possible. Don’t wait for marriage. She gets an A+ in the course.

  3. indeed, living without the gay scene of hollywood brings rest to a man’s life!!

  4. He is living financially comfortable thanks to his divorce settlement from Madonna. He was not a poor man but he did not have great wealth before Madonna. The reality is just about anyone that marries or becomes a partner of Madonna’s will be less wealthy than her. This guy didn’t want the madness that follows Madonna and was able to create his own comfortable family and not worry about money. He will surely have a prenuptial as part of the requirement to married this girl and that’s if they get married. Can only imagine how many people have created a life off Madonna.

  5. I think Madonna had two great loves: Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie and she didn’t end up with either one. Sad. I guess you can say money does not buy love or happiness, it certainly did not buy love for Madonna. She’s had many men in her life and now dates very young men. How interesting can that be aside from sex.

  6. The Bible is against fornication. (First comes marriage and then the baby carriage.) Just because tons of stars and tons of nobodies are doing it does not make it OK. I

  7. Christine, please save your sermons for church. This is not a site for religions discussions. I have been co-habitating and have not married due to financial reasons and five shared kids. When and if I do take the plunge, it is no one else’s business.

  8. The U.S. of A. is a multicultural, multi-belieft society. Anyone who thinks 100% of the population should adhere to the bible lives a very insular lifestyle. Spewing that crap makes a person look like the perfect counterpart to the Taliban. Bible pounders usually drink. A lot.

  9. Christine India, you poor Baptist with only communion once a month.
    Convert to Catholicism and get your Hair of the Dog weekly! Catholics are Christians, and have a Bible. Really. Bottoms up!

  10. They talk about baby carriages in the Bible? Sister Rita must have forgotten to teach that part.

  11. My sincere apologies to all the nice Baptists.
    Christine India is not one of you.

  12. Folks Christine isn’t real, she’s an avatar, probably for Strom, no one is that dumb, that fatally detached from the world.

    If she’s real, im stayin indoors…. however, we could send her to Pakistan, that would be an interesting experiment.

    She could walk around Karachi with a sandwich board declaring “Allah sucks, yay God”, id pay to watch that !!

  13. Y’all are so nice and kind to be this exremely preoccupied with me and my brilliant writings. Thank you from the bottom of my wise heart. Blessings from above.

  14. If it’s Strom as Christine India, or not neither one of them gets to FORNICATE.

  15. You write ” Above, Michael and Jacqui at the Man of Steel premier in London.”WTF?! who is Michael?Did you mean:Guy?Please fix it because it’s confusing.

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