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Christopher Walken is all dolled up to attend the Lincoln Center Tribute to Meryl Streep. They costarred in The Deer Hunter together and he won an Oscar for best supporting actor. He often plays unstable characters but we loved him as a 50’s dad in “Blast from the Past.” Of course, he’ll never live down the fact that he was on that yacht the night Natalie Wood mysteriously drowned.

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  1. Ya what did happen when natalie wood drowned? Was she bangin someone else, besides her husband?

  2. The Natalie Wood mystery will never be solved. A major cover-up, adultery, drinking…Her hubby R.J. and/or Christopher knows what happened.

  3. Natalie was a lovely woman, but when she was drunk it was a whole other story.
    That fateful Thanksgiving holiday weekend, she and RJ had been entertaining CW on the Wagner’s yacht, “Splendor.”
    But Natalie wasn’t happy. In fact, she was increasingly enraged as she became more convinced that RJ was trying to bed CW (who was filming “Brainstorm” with Natalie at the time).
    Years before, when Nat was married to RJ the first time, she walked in unannounced to find RJ orally copulating another man. This is all detailed in the excellent book authored by Natalie’s sister, Lana.
    The incident really knocked Nat for a loop, and she never really got over the shock, nor her mistrust of RJ’s true sexual inclinations.
    After several embarassing and ugly scenes, everyone aboard the yacht (where they were all in a sense, captive), just wanted the trip to be over.
    But Natalie was just warming-up her act; on the night she died, she really laid into RJ — using words that no man ever wants to hear from his wife, or any woman, for that matter.
    When she finally drunkenly stumbled off to bed, both men were relieved — and glad to be rid of her. . .
    She was never seen alive again.
    The saddest part? That weekend, one of the LA stations was playing “Miracle on 34th Street,” as they always did at Thanksgiving, and which starred a very young Natalie Wood and Maureen O’Hara.
    So when the news flashed that she had been found dead, many people (myself among them), had just been watching Natalie (who could not have been more than 7 at the time), in one of her earliest and best movie roles.
    The movie “Brainstorm” was completed without her — using camera tricks and script revisions; CW has never spoken publicly about what happened aboard “Splendor” for obvious reasons. Natalie Wood’s death ended the career of longtime LA County Coroner Thomas Noguchi, whose public speculation about the scenes aboard the yacht — and the state of RJ’s and Natalie’s marriage — caused a media sensation. One can only imagine how over-the-top such coverage would be today.

  4. RJ did remarry shortly after that- to actress Jill St John. I always found it disturbing that he would get married again only a couple of years after Natalie died. I recall there was a photo shoot a few years ago of the Bond Women and Jill refused to pose in a group photo that included fellow Bond girl Lana Wood..meow!

  5. Janet are you insinuating that Christopher Walken murdered Natalie Wood? If I was you I’d be retracting that mighty quick before you get sued…

  6. Do your reading people. There’s lots of witness reports of people who say they heard Wood screaming AND JR screaming back. According to witness reports he knew she had fallen off the boat and he didn’t help her. He let her drown.

  7. After reading the posts here, I must say that I believe the one person who has been telling the truth all along. The captain of that trip. All the others are liars. Walken and Wagner wanted to protect their careers, that’s why they have had little to say. The P.I. post is absurd. The captain has told what happened several times. You people should do your reading. Wagner and Wood had a fight, but it was Wagner who was jelous of Walken. This death is too mysterious to ever go away. I hope one day we’ll hear more.

  8. So what the above postes have concluded: rj and walken were on the down low. Isn’t it possible natalie got drunk and hit her head and fell overboard, or just fell overboard? Or do you all believe someone offed her?
    Chris was great in deer hunter and dancing in the music video.

  9. Natalie was shit faced drunk and wanted to go ashore or up on topside for some air and like any drunk bumbled around and fell over board.
    I would imagine everybody was hammered on that boat. Drunk out of there wits.
    Just serves to remind anyone, don’t go and get drunk on a boat…If your anchored, wear a personal flotation device so in the event you fall over board you’ll at least be a floating drunk.
    Of course, all dependent if your of mind to pull the little cord inflating it.
    Something else to consider, don’t go wandering about alone in the middle of the night drunk “ANYWHERE”.
    Course, who’s the say she might have been lured up on top by a certain someone and then pushed over board.
    That person could have gone below and she could have been pissed off mad and thought she could swim to shore to get away from them.
    A real friend looks out for their friends and will be by there side – thru the good and bad times. Even when there shitfaced drunk.

  10. This is really a good post…
    “According to witness reports he knew she had fallen off the boat and he didn’t help her. He let her drown.”
    Word to the wise, if both parties are drunk and one happens to fall over board – ya know, it’s really not a wise idea to jump in and try and save them without say a life preserver for them to cling to. Otherwise the one that fell in first will be in such a panic that, in all likelyhood they’ll drown the person coming to save them as there trying to climb out of the water. Hence, just throw them the life preserver…
    Was there one on that boat ?
    Does your boat have one with a rope tied to it so that when they latch on to it, you can pull them in.
    Wonder what was on that police report… You’d think the statue of limitations would have ran out and they’d have all those great police reports from the 50’s and 60’s and maybe even the 1970’s online, of course in a microfich format, but scanned in to a computer and reverse transparency so that one can read it.

  11. Too bad, back in those days they didn’t have a taser. Imagine, zap her one good time and she’d shut the heck up and they could take her down below to sleep off her drunk.
    Why do some people get all worked up like that…Pent up anger, jealousy. Flagging career, and somebody to blame for it.
    If you go to drink and get drunk on a sailboat, ya know. From my point of view (a guys). If the gal is pretty and I’m supplying the booze, I’m gonna be expecting something in return… Maybe Nat wasn’t up for something like that, but had she ever been drunk on a boat like that before with the same people?
    That’s the cats meow.
    Maybe she got suicidal, as drunks do. Thought she’d take the easy way out.
    What a way to go, eh?
    But, it all gets back to the heated argument that eye witness said a argument was happening on their boat.
    Not much of a party when there’s a whole lotta shouting going on.
    Imagine if the guy grabbed her full face with his hand and just shoved her over board.
    How else to shut her up. Just out of rage, too bad there wasn’t a bucket of water to throw at her to make her stop screaming at the person.
    Deflects there attention to something else. After all, you how women are when they get wet when somebody spills something on them.
    Maybe, somebody thought the idea of pushing her over board was a good idea, but infact it just didn’t work out how they thought they’d react and float to the surface… If somebody is really, really drunk and depending on the water temperature, she might have went into hypertension shock and froze her movements.

  12. Hypothermia shock (error corrected), course that actually takes sometime for your body to acclimate to the water temp.
    Has anybody question Christopher Walken lately about it. Maybe he knows one or two things which might have been left out ?
    Did they know she was up on top bumbling about drunk ?
    Did the person arguing say “piss off” and go back down into the cabin all the while knowing she was up on top drunk and ranting on ?

  13. What was the name of Humphrey Bogarts boat that he bought and refurbished ?
    Him and Lana Turner ??
    Read about it in Sailing magazine a few years ago. What a sweet boat !!!

  14. Wood had an extreme fear of water. She would have never took the dingy to go ashore. She would have never done that by herself.

  15. I was 10 when Natalie died as I remember my mom kept talking about it for weeks and weeks after the incident. So why did CW refuse to talk about it if it was all an accident? I guess it will be forever an Hollywood Unsolved Mystery.

  16. Natalie was terrified of water. She had premonitions when she was little of drowning. She had a red down coat on when she went overboard…hard to swim with all that wet weight. Maybe CW RJ & NW were into 3-somes and they all got too drunk and NW decided to go ashore when RJ & CW kept going at it.

  17. Rosie O’Donnell is terrified of Christopher Walken. Even tho it was many moons ago, I remember he was a guest on her talk show and she told him to his face that she was afraid of him. He asked her ‘how so’ and she said she did not know..only that she was afraid of him. Natalie Wood was not mentioned.

  18. ^^^
    He was evidentially too much of a gentleman to return the, uh, compliment.

  19. Its a shame! The rich and famous get away with anything. Natalie Woods was murdered!

  20. Its a shame! The rich and famous get away with anything. Natalie Woods was murdered!

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