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New mom Christina Aguilera is looking more like a bombshell every day. Recently, she and her husband Jordan Bratman invited all their friends over for their baby son Max’s bris ceremony. Christina kept the usually somber circumcision event festive by decorating the house with penis balloons! (Where do they sell THOSE, anyway?)

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  1. Hey Max, won’t those tits taste a little like silicon or saline?

  2. Umm, even flat chested women get big boobs when their milk comes in after giving birth!

  3. Besides her fake tits and her clown makeup, how many illegals are going to take care of her baby so it can grow up to be dysfunctional but fluent in Spanish.

  4. She usually wears way too much make-up, but she looks absolutely gorgeous in this picture! What an after-glow! Motherhood is looking great on her.

  5. Wow – that girl looks pretty good! She is a lot better looking now than she ever has been! Good for her! Glad to see she has turned out a lot better than poor Britney. Hope we can see Britney in one year’s time looking like this!! With God’s speed I hope!

  6. Just gotta find a few things wrong with her: White bleached hair that will be straw as time goes on. Gross red lipstick. Nose a tad too wide. We won’t discuss the tits. No, scratch all that…with money to keep it up, make up artists, etc etc. she is making Brit and Lindsey and Paris jealous every day.

  7. Way to go Jordan! Apparently Max will be brought up Jewish. He can officially convert later. Mazel Tov!

  8. Have you seen her husbands face? Why any woman would breed with him, taking the chance the baby would look like him. It shows disreguard for the babies future.

  9. I was always the type of woman that would encourage other women not to procreate with ugly men but after some consideration, maybe jordan is a very nice person so nice that you see beyond the physical charecteristics.

  10. Looks like a cheap ‘ho as always. This one was standing behind the door when someone was handing out taste! She can sang, but her songs suck ass! Do something on TANYA TUCKER instead, Janet, she just moved to Malibu.

  11. Twenty years from now those baby’s will be sagging big time!
    Knee knockers as Playboy Magazine calls them.

  12. Looking like a bombshell? You gotta be kidding. More like a garbage truck.

  13. Christina, can you play the role of Etta James, that is being offered to Beyonce, you sound more lile Etta James anyday thatn BK

  14. TITS!! What are tits anyway, nothin but soft muscle with some skin around them with a discolored circle in the front. Give me the poontang and hinder. Anonymous

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