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London’s Daily Mail featured this photo of celebrities having fun in Hawaii. There was an abundance of actors vacationing at the same time and they got together and rented a boat for a day. Sacha Baron Cohen is up front in the black shirt and white shorts, and you can see who the others are. Apparently Leo delighted in launching himself off the back of the boat and Tobey Maguire had a long conversation with Sacha.

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  1. Why should I give a sh!t about this picture? They’re in Hawaii, I’m not. End of story.
    Obama/Biden 08. Hope for a better tomorrow, unlike McCain/??, who will give us 4 more years of George F*CK*ING Bush.

  2. Anonymous 9:36 AM, you really should learn how to spell. Obami?? Who’s that???

  3. Yes, those lucky f**kers are in Hawaii and I am jealous as hell. As for the profession of acting, I can act…acting is not hard…IT’S JUST A MATTER OF GETTING A BREAK… AND..IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO CAN PROMOTE YOU. If you think acting is so terribly hard, just get a script of something, practice it, and get someone to listen…acting is not hard.
    P.S.: You wanna see/hear REAL acting? Just listen to any and all of the phony politicians.

  4. Janet, first ‘the enquirer’ now ‘the daily mail’? Where are your real scoops? We can read this sh*t online too.

  5. this situation proves it folks:

  6. This is the reason why celebs should keep their mouths shut when it comes to politics, they can’t compare to us, it’s laughable when I hear about them whining and complaining. At a time when regular folks couldn’t take a vacation because of gas prices, they get to visit paradise.

  7. Mr. Obama could have won the election with Hillary.
    Because of Mr. Obama

  8. Amen 10:55 I’m very excited about the election now. Before? NOT AT ALL.

  9. Wonderful to give your time to the world and allow your self to be free to help others and of course this leads to some tax taking off your bill at the end of the year and actor make so much money are are offered crazy amounts and weird wacko amounts and they earn it for there craft and that is wonderful to care and be there for other people.

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