Scott Storch


We’re hearing that music producer Scott Storch is the real brains behind getting Lindsay Lohan into rehab- certainly not Brandon Davis, who seems to be taking credit for it. According to an insider, here’s what went down: Lindsay and Scott and Paris Hilton were partying like crazy Saturday night at Xenii. Brandon who is Paris’s roomate was by their side. They were boozing it up, making out with each other and there just MIGHT have been some white powder flying around. “Paris is a big instigator when it comes to overdoing anything.” It got to be such an orgy of indulgence that Scott became the voice of reason – he said “Enough is enough!” (He wants Lindsay as a recording artist.) He saw that Lindsay was WAY too messed up . A few days later he suggested that Lindsay and Brandon both go to rehab and volunteered to take them. They agreed, but Brandon backed out at the last minute leaving Lindsay on her own.


Just another wild night out with Paris Hilton. Thursday at Hyde, Paris’s music producer Scott Storch hosted her and a Jenna Jameson and Brandon Davis at his booth. Paris was chugging right out of a Grey Goose vodka bottle and getting wilder by the minute- she and Jenna started pawing each other and smooching and dancing provocatively. Paris leaped to dance on the table for maximum exposure. Christina Aguilera and her dancers were at the next table (It so happens Scott Storch produced HER album too!) and when they saw Paris table dancing they leaped on their own table for a dance off. The dance contest- without benefit of a dancefloor- lasted until the girls collapsed in a sweaty heap. Paris was flashing a HUGE diamond ring and there were two bodyguards with their eyes on the ring at all times – it looked as if the ring was a loaner being guarded. Brandon Davis, looking boozy and sweaty, couldn’t take his hands off Paris and Jenna who were still smooching. At closing time the thrashed threesome staggered out the back door together – Brandon no doubt had visions of menage a trois dancing in his head….