Just another wild night out with Paris Hilton. Thursday at Hyde, Paris’s music producer Scott Storch hosted her and a Jenna Jameson and Brandon Davis at his booth. Paris was chugging right out of a Grey Goose vodka bottle and getting wilder by the minute- she and Jenna started pawing each other and smooching and dancing provocatively. Paris leaped to dance on the table for maximum exposure. Christina Aguilera and her dancers were at the next table (It so happens Scott Storch produced HER album too!) and when they saw Paris table dancing they leaped on their own table for a dance off. The dance contest- without benefit of a dancefloor- lasted until the girls collapsed in a sweaty heap. Paris was flashing a HUGE diamond ring and there were two bodyguards with their eyes on the ring at all times – it looked as if the ring was a loaner being guarded. Brandon Davis, looking boozy and sweaty, couldn’t take his hands off Paris and Jenna who were still smooching. At closing time the thrashed threesome staggered out the back door together – Brandon no doubt had visions of menage a trois dancing in his head….

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  1. I am sure Paris has enought Herpes viruses to go around. Brandon Davis is becoming the male version of Paris. Bimbob and bimbo. what a perfect match!
    I am not sure why such a classy lass as Jenna was doing with Paris, who we all know is a skank slut cunt.

  2. Jenna “Fuck Everything” Jameson has more class then Paris. What a group.

  3. This blog sucks because the details are always wrong, wrong, wrong. Scott Storch very publicly had nothing to do with Xtina’s new record. He produced some of her last record four years ago, but this “It just so happens…” shit is false in its implication of currency.
    Please handle your shit a little better, Janet. You used to be better than this.

  4. Oh i see now!!
    When Paris said shes not having sex for a year she meant sex with a man!!!

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  6. Paris Hilton is not a celebrity- I don’t give a damn how often she is discussed in the media.
    She ain’t got “it”. The only IT Paris’ has is uncureable sexually transmitted diseases.
    Secondly, it is well documented that bag o’ bones can not dance to save her life.
    That dance off must have been hysterically funny.
    tatoos are over and done.
    The tats on Jameson’s legs look like open sores.
    Wait a minute……..

  7. I am SO glad I live on the east coast. Now if we can only keep these skanks from traveling.

  8. Why does anyone bother writing about these losers? They are trash and contribute nothing to our society. Just because they have money doesn’t make them interesting or important. Trash, trash, trash.

  9. Did anyone read Jenna Jameson’s tell-all book? If the first poster on this board did, s/he wouldn’t be calling her classy.

  10. I am the first poster and my remark about Jenna being “classy” was sarcastic in nature. My shit stained underwear has more class than Jenna, the human fuck doll.

  11. I think Jenna’s actually quite homely. Paris is cute and sexy but chugging out a Grey Goose bottle is tremendously declasse. Christina Aguilera is trash personified, also, she has the worst songs and doesn’t know how to sing without overdoing it. They should all “get thee to a nunnery!”

  12. Bunch of jealous old sea-hags. They are hot. All of you are jealous that your not getting that kind of attention. What you wouldnt give to have their life than your own pathetic existance. Gotta love ’em!

  13. I love when people dust off and haul out that old “jealous” line. Plueeeze. Get real.

  14. Jenna looks like a used, rough-edged biker chick….she’s much older than Paris, who also has no class at all. (her sister Nicky does, however).

  15. I thought Paris was going to quit sex for a year and give us all a break.

  16. Those two skanks together in one room will cause spontaneous STD combustion.

  17. Paris is just rich trash who continually humiliates her family again and for Jenna, just plain used up skank who has no real esteem.

  18. Sorry But What Is This Thing About Scott And Christina? What Happened? And Who Won The Dance Off?!

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