Pamela Anderson broke up with her cheating soccer playing boyfriend Adil Rami last summer, but she’s in no hurry to return to the USA. She’s pictured here at the launch of a shopping mall in Austria. Baywatch reruns made Pamela extremely popular in Europe and she’s always bombarded with financially satisfying invitations to do TV and make personal appearances – particularly at animal rights events.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


Barbra Streisand is so in love with her dogs that she took them along on her European concert tour. And they got the royal treatment just like she did. Barbra reportedly hired someone to give the dogs massages, and had a chef prepare organic meals for them She also brought their fancy dog beds along on the trip to make them feel at home. (Above, her son Jason Gould and Barbra take the dogs into a hotel. Jason sings with her onstage also.)

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Ten year old Willow Smith is Justin Bieber’s opening act in Europe and he was SHOCKED at the number of fans going crazy for her. She’s been mobbed for autographs wherever she goes, just like Justin. Willow is delighted with her crowds of admirers and posted a photo of herself in Dublin with 21 fans on Twitter. Justin proved he’s still number one by causing a riot outside his hotel in Liverpool.

Davis: On the Scene

We know you love a good public scene, so here’s one – on a Friday in 2005 it was apparent Mischa Barton and Brandon Davis had split up. After dining at Koi with male friends, Brandon arrived at the Tropicana at the Roosevelt Hotel and was told Mischa was there with her friends . He turned around and walked out. The place was abuzz with news of their split. They are both immature and insanely jealous and Brandon suspected that Mischa had a fling with Hayden Christensen in Europe. That’s why he flew there in a hurry. Mischa thought Brandon retaliated by cheating with an exgirlfriend Sonja Kinski. On Saturday Brandon went to the movies with guy friends and Mischa was photographed at Mr Chow with another man. Saturday night Brandon was drinking and throwing ice at people at the Cabana Club. He was so drunk and annoying that a girl dumped a pitcher of cranberry juice on him. He and rowdy friends got a lecture from the club manager. The next day, after long phone conversations, Brandon and Mischa checked into the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills. Sounded like a reconciliation was in the works…

Oscars: Did You Know?

Did you know that major designers do everything to woo celebrities going to important awards shows like the Oscars to get them to wear THEIR dresses? They all send free extravagant dresses (and sometimes their entire collection!) and even offer trips to Europe to see their shows. They do everything but PAY stars to wear their clothes and that will happen soon, I predict. Greedy celebrities have a roomful of gorgeous free dresses and on award show day, they generally choose one at the last minute, depending on their mood. But they keep them ALL!

Mira Sorvino: Diet Tip

Mira Sorvino had this diet tip from 2004:
Now that she’s gotten rid of her boyfriend Olivier Martinez, Mira Sorvino has also gotten rid of around 25 unwanted pounds. The leggy actress told pals she’s given up the pasta and French food that she used to indulge in with Oliver while they lived in Europe. Now she’s sticking with sushi and credits raw fish for her weight loss. Only her diet doesn’t come cheap, because she regularly devours her sushi at the exclusive Nobu in Malibu.