Behind the scenes


As you know we were the first to tell you that despite all that infighting, Kim Cattrall was set to make a guest appearance on And Just Like That. Kim’s cameo in this season’s finale is expected to bring in HUGE ratings. If these predictions are correct, my source reveals Kim will likely be BACK in season 3! Cynthia Nixon’s character Miranda has moved to LA this season and films her scenes separately from the original cast. Kim could come back for a few more appearances with the explanation that her character lives outside of New York, so she would NOT have to film with the others. My source insists that if the ratings deliver, Kim could earn millions of dollars just to appear in a few episodes next season – and she’d never have to come in contact with her costars…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

Oscars: Did You Know?

Did you know that major designers do everything to woo celebrities going to important awards shows like the Oscars to get them to wear THEIR dresses? They all send free extravagant dresses (and sometimes their entire collection!) and even offer trips to Europe to see their shows. They do everything but PAY stars to wear their clothes and that will happen soon, I predict. Greedy celebrities have a roomful of gorgeous free dresses and on award show day, they generally choose one at the last minute, depending on their mood. But they keep them ALL!


kfedlynncut2Kevin Federline and Lynne Spears have called a truce and they’re working together to care for Britney’s babies and make sure Britney completes her treatment in rehab. The first time Britney checked into Promises, we told you that Kevin took advantage of her absence and seized his sons who were being cared for at the Malibu house by Lynne. That’s why Britney broke out and she and her mother finally reached an agreement with Kevin. He’s caring for the kids, with the help of his family and Lynne, while Britney is away. Kevin told Britney if she doesn’t complete rehab treatment, she won’t get the boys back. Right now Kevin and Lynne are together interviewing new nannies to help with the kids. We hope whoever gets the job will email this website!


Dust off your motorcycle jackets, the eighties are BACK! We just got word from our Canadian spy that it’s official: Sting is back together with The Police for a concert tour. So far there are eighty dates planned in North America and the UK. Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland have been wanting this to happen for awhile, but they thought Sting would never agree. Maybe the fact that it’s the 30th anniversary of their first hit Roxanne, softened up Sting. Or maybe he was impressed with the success of The Rolling Stones and U2 tours. Whatever -this will be the first time the band has played in concert since 1984.


There’s more to the Girls Next Door than meets the eye. (Or maybe I was just naive ) Someone very involved in the Playboy world filled me in on what we DON’T see on the reality show. I’m not going to name names, so you’ll have to figure it out, but it makes watching the show a LOT more interesting, looking for clues. Apparently ONE of the three girls (Holly, Kendra, and Bridget) is a hard-core lesbian and not the LEAST bit interested in men. Another of the girls is super freaky and into almost any kind of kinky sex. The third girl seems to have a genuine crush on Hef and just wants to keep him happy. The lesbian has claimed the super freak for her girlfriend and they regularly get it on in a wide variety of ways for Hef’s amusement. The third one joins in if Hef says to. At his age, he’s happy just to watch.


Okay, we know you’re sick to death of Paris Hilton but this is different – it’s a closeup of the contents of her designer handbag! We can’t resist a peek into a celebrity purse. The photo was purportedly taken during fashion week and we can see a little packet of what looks like weed. Perhaps more surpising than that is the fact that she’s sitting at a fashion show and furtively applying pink polish to her nails.