Barbra Streisand is so in love with her dogs that she took them along on her European concert tour. And they got the royal treatment just like she did. Barbra reportedly hired someone to give the dogs massages, and had a chef prepare organic meals for them She also brought their fancy dog beds along on the trip to make them feel at home. (Above, her son Jason Gould and Barbra take the dogs into a hotel. Jason sings with her onstage also.)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Isnt this 2-3 times JC has run this thread. There is no greater Schylock the Babs. She charges the highest ticket prices and plays up to the other jews who all seem to have an adoration complex. She is just another Golda when not made up.

  2. Typical ….. How Jewish….Oy…my dawgs….
    she is such an effing hypocrite … how many overpriced ‘goodbye’ concerts so far??? The woman is an over praised , over rated big nose that sings !!!

  3. Disgusting how these celebs baby their animals when there are kids around the world in need of a fraction of that love and attention.

  4. Her hubby is pampered too, in that he does not work and lives off her.

  5. Strom & JimJam: Both of you are anti-Semitic simpletons.
    Chattycathy: Brolin is 73 years old, which means he could be retired, but if you weren’t as lazy as you accuse him of, you would have looked him up on IMDb & discovered he works regularly all the time for the last 40 years!
    Or do you want to force 73 year olds to work?

  6. Janet, you ran this chestnut some time ago and got the same hateful responses from the usual gang of idiots also. How about some new “news”?

  7. Poor Becca…always ready to join hands and hoist the Israeli flag…..nothing either anti or pro yid. Babs has and continues to get over by flaunting it and instead of animals why would she not give money to fight the scourge of herpes that over 50% of BLACK women have and spread?

  8. Actually, JC has decided she can make more money by rerunning old clips as new….what about more Barry Weiss? What about more Fred the $$$ Goldman, maybe a Larry King or two, maybe more Bette Midler? See a small pattern here? Free bagels for the correct answer.

  9. Barbra is over 70 and still working, really working, she has said getting on stage in front of 1000’s is exhausting and is real work. Plus, when Brolin started romancing her, he was at that time not getting any work, except bit parts. He moved into her mansion and loved loved loved it. ^&#$@?(*

  10. I guess he son has given up trying to make a life of his own and is now on Babs teat.

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