Chet Hanks


The funniest thing we heard this week was Chet Hanks whining that people “hate him” because he comes from a famous and wealthy family. He actually went on to say that his father Tom Hanks was “not a strong male role model” because he didn’t warn Chet, 31, that people might react that way. Chet felt disrespected (a word I loathe) by his peers, claims “They talk behind my back” and says he needed someone to tell him these people are just jealous. Granted, Chet is seeking acceptance in the rap world while using the DJ name Chet Haze and by releasing the video White Boy Summer, featuring twerking girls and vintage cars. Despite his upbringing, Chet speaks “Black English” and prefers to be seen shirtless, revealing his multiple tattoos and muscles.That’s enough to turn anybody off, Chet, so don’t blame your decent and universally admired father for your popularity problems…

PHOTO: Instagram


Musician/actor Chet Hanks is the first to admit that his father Tom Hanks’ clean cut image makes him look like a bad boy. Chet, 30, started off rapping at Northwestern University where he was actually in a fraternity. Besides music, he’s been getting steady work as an actor, with recurring roles on Empire and Shameless. He struggled with substance abuse and in 2015 he broke down and went to rehab for cocaine addiction. He’s had his share of girlfriend problems- involving restraining orders, lawsuits etc, so he’s definitely no Tom Hanks. But he’s been getting acting work – NCIS: New Orleans, and has a role in Tom’s film Greyhound. Above he showed up at Doja Cat’s album release party in Hollywood.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA