For decades we’ve been writing gossip about Carrie Fisher, who gained fame playing Star Wars Princess Leia, and before that we remember READING gossip about her parents Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher and the Elizabeth Taylor love triangle. Carrie married a musician, Paul Simon, and an agent, Bryan Lourd, who decided he was gay. All the while Carrie was battling substance abuse and manic depression. She says she still gets a refined version of electroshock therapy on a regular basis to keep herself sane! Her life story and cast of characters is fascinating and hilarious. Debbie Reynolds’ daughter turned out to be a smart and funny writer and her latest book Wishful Drinking has evolved into a one-woman show. And what a show it is. World of Wonder did a brilliant job of producing a documentary on Carrie’s show for HBO that airs this Sunday, December 12. Don’t miss it – it’s the next best thing to seeing her in person and you’ll love the way she has fun with all her family dramas. Carrie Fisher may be damaged goods, but she is indeed, a treasure.



  1. JC was paid well by the publicist’s for this promo….hopefully she will keep this kind of thing in the ad section in the future.

  2. Seems like a hundred years ago—but it must have been sometime in the mid-’80s, we were at the sold-out Simon & Garfunkel concert at Dodger Stadium.

    A surprise guest was announced, and out popped the new Mrs. Paul Simon—Carrie Fisher—and the whole place just ERUPTED.

    If there is such a thing as the over-used term “Hollywood Royalty,” then surely Carrie is a part of that, and that’s aside from her being Princess Leia. She’s lived an “interesting” life and has survived by her wit—in every sense of the word.

    2011—almost, and Carrie’s still going strong. Cheers 🙂

  3. I always admire people who can go through hell and retain their sense of humor. I’ll be watching.

  4. Hats of to Carrie for sharing her story. She really is a winner. Good post Janet

    strom – you are clearly a schizophrenic

    ‘conspiracy everywhere’… friendly suggestion – go see a doc and tell him about it because it’s getting worse. You are smart dude, just need a little help.

  5. I am a big fan of Carrie the writer, as well as the actress. She is smart, funny, tough as nails — she would fit in well with the Big-Shouldered Broads of old Hollywood. She should have been a much bigger star.


  6. JC,
    Thanks for the reminder of Carrie’s special on HBO. Carrie has always been multi-talented. I remember seeing her with Warren Beatty in Shampoo, and who could forget her movie passed on Postcards from the Edge. Carrie and Penny Marshall are birthday buddies, and both of these women have survived in the man’s world of the entertainment industry.

  7. Ever see footage of Carrie and Penny together? They are like Dorothy Parker and Fran Leibowitz starring in The Odd Couple. They could discuss dry cleaning or read the phone book together, and would be hilarious and witty!

    Why don’t those two do a show, and tour?

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  10. Some of these battles are getting out of hand.

    I do not think Wim/captian america or Strom are going away. And these s**t-throwing sessions are pointless and tiring.

    Let’s play nice folks.

  11. She gets regular electroshock treatments? that doesn’t sound good; most kids who grow up with famous Hollyweird parents turn out badly because the parents care more about themselves than they do their kids, which is also why most of their marriages fail

  12. Yep,

    Debbie went for the money and married at least 2 yids. Carrie married at least 1 so you can see why they are a bit screwed up.

  13. Yeah, it was pretty obvious that Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher were big “N” Narcissists in the land of Narcissists. One need not be famous to be a Narcissist, and children raised by Narcissists are always messed up because, when growing up, they do not get the basic required attention — the parents are fully focused on themselves.

  14. Oh goodie, Carrie’s back. Love her candor. Love her writing. I’m assuming this HBO show will be great!

  15. Casonia Sade Logenberry..Love to see who is going to get there ass kicked off and last night..I Really wanted to see Elisa go! But we never know who is going to go and sooner or later we are going to find out?Hells kitchen really Rocks and Rolls. says:

    Carrie Fisher has made her mark in this world throw movies and acting and doing classic movies in the pass and yes she has mental issues and medication has to be applied but it is something she wants and it makes her feel whole and together and thank god her mother is going to be great and can take some time off and spend with her daughter and yes the pass is the pass and thank god it is over and know there future look brighter and know they can just cruise throw life with relaxation and ease.

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