What a blow to his ego! Not many viewers tuned in for the premier of David Hasselhoff’s A&E reality show. He attracted a puny audience of 718,000 for the first episode and it dropped to 505,000 for the second half hour. The Washington Post described the show as “dull and transparently desperate.” We think the show flopped because people are not amused – but disgusted – by David’s alcoholism and the fact that he lies and denies. The show features his two daughters Taylor and Hayley who have long suffered from their father’s self indulgence. Apparently the sloppy drunk hamburger video didn’t enhance his image and people just don’t like him as much as they used to. Maybe the series will get better ratings in Germany.


  1. The big turn off for me is that it’s clearly an attempt to make his daughters’ singing careers “happen”.

  2. I want to bet these two daughters will be FAT monsters in four years time.

  3. I watched the episode where the family makes a bet to quit caffeine and get’s help for their dog’s addiction to tennis balls. I was hoping it would be better because I would like to watch “The Hoff” interact with his girls, but I definately will not tune in again.

    David was defending the dog’s addiction and cheating on the bet he made with his daughter’s to stop the caffeine. It was actually very sad that they were making light of addiction because clearly “The Hoff” has a drinking problem. He even disclosed that “when he used to secretly drink (haha)he would hide his liquor on the ROOF in the gutter”. Sad, sad, sad. Those poor girls will probably become addicts too.

  4. The dog had an “addiction” to tennis balls? LOL. What dog doesn’t?

  5. Bang on Janet,

    People are tired of those celeb-twats who think they can out smarten all. It’s one thing to protect your privacy and NOT discussing your problems, but if you have an obvious dependency and act like nothing is wrong then there will be a backlash. Hello Angelina Jolie…

  6. What does it take to get Hasselhoff to understand he is over?

    And Wim I agree with you. I suggest that the girls release the Fats of Life song as a single:

    When the boys you used to hate you date,
    I guess it’s best you eat a cake,
    The fats of life, you better chew ’em right

    When books are what you’re there about,
    but pies are what you care about
    the time is right, to learn the fats of life

    When the world never seems
    to be living up to your egg creams
    its time you started learning that
    that fats of life are all about you-eww-eww-ew.

  7. He has ALWAYS nauseated me, and that Baywatch shit was for brainless people to masturbate to. Hoff is now trying to shove his two fat-ish bleached blonde daughters down our throats just like “The Hulk” did with HIS fat-ish bleached blonde daughter.

    This idea that everybody on earth is a singer has got to STOP! Just because you happen to have a relative who has had the luck to get famous doesn’t mean that the rest of you can jump on the famous train and ride for free.

    Can you hear me Palin spermoids; all the Smith kids; Spears hillbillies; and anything resembling a “Beiber”!?

  8. LOL Denise! I never heard of a dog that didn’t have that addiction or an addiction to bones, slippers harassing squirrels ect. Is doggie going to rehab instead of Hoff?

  9. Great point Reta, by the way welcome back. There very little or no talent with these kids and we can’t take anymore. Hoff, fat daughter is a model? Damn you got to be kidding.

  10. Thank you Lenny. Unlike Hulk who tried to shove his fat daughter off on us, Hoff is trying to push TWO of his sperm rejects off on the public. Unfortunately for them they would stand a better chance if they WEREN’T related to that drunken loser, and didn’t look just like him. There’s just something about his features that make me want to slap the shit out of him.

  11. I don’t know if the gal on the left is Hayley or Taylor, but that face could be a model for a cherubim, seraphim, angel, you know, one of those spiritual beings.

    They would both have to be angels to put up with their old man, who was finished eons ago and is pretty much a laughing-stock. imho.

  12. He was never much and he’s even less now. Like I always go on about in here, there are too many reality shows, most are not remotely interesting.

  13. Indy, hello again…I don’t agree with you on the looks of the girl on the left. Besides the skunk hair on both of them, they unfortunately both inherited their father’s strange jaw/mouth/nose/eyes/and sense of self importance. Just as Hoff has deluded himself into thinking he could carry a tune, the daughters are whipping that same old dead horse…most likely the lucky Germans will be welcoming them all with giant steins of frosty brews. Maybe we could take up a collection and pay them to keep the whole lot of them…and the Hulkster clan as well including that moron son that drove drunk and took the top of his best friend’s head off. Morons are morons, all these bleached blondes are interchangable in looks as well as “talent”!

  14. Canadians, Americans and the Brits are very fickle — we embrace then discard celebrities at the drop of a hat. The Germans, like many other nationalities, are very faithful — when they embrace a star, they do not let go. The Hoff-ettes WILL probably find at least some minor fame in the fatherland when all else fails…which it will.

  15. Sebastian, well if you’re right, let’s hope for us American’s, specifically us Californian’s that the Hoff and Hoffettes export themselves en-mass immediately… if not sooner. I would even volunteer the pointy sharpened spike on the tip of my boot to hasten their journey.

  16. Reta, Hoff is a music mega-star in Deutschland, and a music joke in North America. Rest assured his daughters will follow the same pattern, unless the Germans finally take the sauerkraut out of their ears, and rebel.

  17. Yes, heard the news today that after only TWO shows, they are off the air. YIPPEE!!

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