Incredulous reporters quizzed the Beverly Hills police at their press conference today – everyone was flabbergasted to hear that the bullets that killed Ronni Chasen match the gun that Harold Smith used to kill himself. Cops theorized that Smith was desperate for money and it was a random robbery gone bad- ON A BICYCLE! LAPD has yet to turn over the bike to the Beverly Hills cops. Harold was certainly a good shot, but why didn’t he grab Ronni’s handbag on the seat next to her? Beverly Hills police played down the fact that they got the Harold Smith lead from America’s Most Wanted who received a call from a tipster. (Presumably the tipster will collect the $125,000 reward.) There are still a LOT of unanswered questions here so don’t put the Beverly Hills cops on a pedestal yet.



  1. key.stone.cops.

    no one believes this went down as described by the KSC/LAPD

  2. Granted, this whole murder-for-hire-from-a-bicycle(!) storyline the cops are trying to sell stinks, but it does beat some of the alternatives that were being considered:

    Rumors were floated among her friends that “Ronni was in a secret, highly-abusive relationship with O.J.–and she feared he might one day try to kill her.”

  3. Oops, my bad. “Random-robbery-from-a-bicycle.”

    I didn’t get the last script rewrite.

  4. I don’t believe it at all. I think the cops are trying to calm the community and that’s about it. Too bad, I do not think anyone is in danger, I think it is a family hit. That man could not do that on a bicycle. That is ridiculous in that area.

  5. No, I’m not buying it. If it IS the gun and if this guy DID do it, I would think more than likely he was in a car with somebody else rather than on a bicycle and expecting to have a “get-a-way” from the area not knowing what car may appear at any second…like say and LAPD or BHPD black & white!

    That he bragged around enough for someone else to believe him and call in the tip is another thing. The guy sounded like a complete loon judging from his past record and things he was suspected of recently or charged with. He may have been a patsy. He may have been told he was going to get “ten thousand bucks” and then given the gun to set him up because he was a loon and if the cops ever DID get ahold of him and actually question him, they would quickly see how crazy he was and that they were probably never going to get a real answer out of him. I think he shot himself out of insanity and irrational fear of police which may be in reality earned from past run-ins with them. There is a famous common saying within the black community about getting pulled over/ questioned by the police for “walking/driving while black.” I’m not at all against the police but I have heard some horror stories from friends.
    I hope this case does get solved and the maniac who really killed her is stopped and soon.

  6. The cops screwed up, and — in a desperate attempts to save face — are digger a deeper and deeper hole for themselves. Anyone in a big city sees at least one or two of these examples a year.

    There are more great cops than not, but this story is evidence that over-all, police are not as smart as they need to be.

  7. I say it is a hit too…….by either her family or work associate.

  8. wow, do the BH cops think the public is that stupid to believe this piece of fiction? to be able to shoot that well while on a bike is absurd and if he was going to rob her, why didn’t he take anything? he was a pawn in someone’s game -someone who probably has ties to the cops. how come last week they said this guy had absolutely nothing to do with her murder? then they said she had road rage? come on, this is a joke. oh, yeah, someone lost their life, no joke after all

  9. Even if the guy was stationary and had his bike nearby, shot her as she came to a stop, and then rode away, it is ludicrous to think anybody would do a murder and a getaway on a bike. IF the gun he killed himself with WAS the gun that killed HER then I think HE got set up and told he was going to get the ten thousand he was bragging about, and planted with the gun to take the target off the reall killers.

    I think he was a mentally ill petty criminal who could have been talked into anything probably fairly easily. Anyone who really WAS behind the hit was smart enough to find a really NOT SMART patsy to take the fall while they ride off with probably the 6 million in her will. I’m betting on the brother.

  10. Guess what? Crime happens. Who is to guess why a crack head makes a random choice to hold up a lad with a flat tire, or at a stop light, whatever. I went to school with a guy who made the headlines in a similar fashion. Looking for the quick money from a passive victim. It is when the victim isn’t passive and simply says, “no” that things go wrong. The guy I knew wasn’t going back to jail, either. In fact his parents had to bury his bullet riddled body because of his stupidity and drug habit. Not everything is a conspiracy. Even in Hollywood life can just happen.

  11. I’m thinking Cuba Gooding Jr. to play Patsy…uh, Harold Smith.

    And kudos to brother Larry for believing in this project from the beginning and refusing to back down from his vision of how it should be played.

  12. Cover up…. and they know most of America is too dumbed down to know the difference….sad.

  13. Oh, and surely the cops presented as evidence some of the abundant video evidence that puts Harold Smith in the area on the night in question. Right?

  14. And…as expressed by someone else (another incredulous person) on another board:

    “This remains such a tregedy, and my pre-emptive apologies to those who loved Ronni and would take offense at the following from a guy (me) whose read only the la times, deadline hllywood, tmz and the huffington post…but this explanation of an ex-con randomly out for cash in the middle of beverly hills on a bicycle with a loaded gun, shooting 5 perfectly placed shots, NOT stealing a single thing, but picking up all five of his shell casings in the middle of the night and then leaving on a bicycle strains more believability than many of the fantastic theories batted around this message board.

    Stranger still, this guy who was so terrified of being caught that he backtracked to pick up the casings, then BRAGGED about performing the killing and additionally bragged about how he was to receive 10,000 soon? this doesnt add up. not even close.

    Still troubling as well is a burglary that takes place at her home years back, where only items of personal value are taken (that TWO crimes against Ronni said to be theft, where money WASNT taken…how often does that happen? both in beverly hills i believe?) and shortly thereafter she changes her Will not only to exclude a neice, but a HUGE fuck you to that Neice by leaving her ten dollars?!
    Now this is the part i agree with mystery writer and i simultaneously apologize for because it involves her family…However its her family that in the absence of any evidence you look at first and foremost. Her brother, a screenwriter of 30 plus years whose thought of every heist, murder etcv possible says catagorically it was road rage. I sympathize with his loss, but this simply doesnt make sense. Road Rage? 5 perfectly shot bullets w/no casings because someone got out of their car to pick them up, roadrage? From a screenwriter whose JOB it is to make such stories make sense …eeek.
    If anything were resonating here in the police report no one would start asking about WHY it was at first reported NOT the gun, then days later it was the gun etc…this is a screw up of epic and not very believable proportions. somethings very fishy here. The police seem to have done a 180 based on one thing, a gun that wasn’t now is…plausible, except for the fact that if it now is, it SIMPLY DOESNT MAKE SENSE. I hope more details come about so that it does…but im not optimistic.”

  15. And…

    “This the same police department that said that Mark Ruffalo’s brother died at his own hand playing Russian roulette and then changed their minds following the autopsy report and officially ruled Scott Rufallo’s death a homicide.

    There were reportedly only two people in the room with Scott Ruffalo when he died — one being Shaha Mishaal Adham, the daughter of a prominent Saudi businessman, the other Kristian Muradaz. Both were arrested and released.

    They can’t solve that and we’re supposed to believe that a guy on a bicycle who they themselves called “desperate” drove that bike miles and miles into Beverly Hills to rob someone (not desperate enough to rob someone close by apparently), then screwed up and took the time to gather up bullet casings one by one by one by one by one by one to clean up the scene and then peddled away unnoticed?


  16. This story has more holes than a block of swiss cheese. My theory is that this involves Mexican drug cartels and that the LAPD wants to keep it quiet that they have moved into LA to avoid a panic.

  17. Ronni’s abrasive jewish personality and business dealings caught up with her…it will be discovered one day.

    Not exactly the black on black crime the crying hearts like to speak about.

  18. We’re just relieved that they finally caught the real bicyclist.

    Now maybe they will leave Lance Armstrong alone.

  19. Authorities in New Jersey are said to be thisclose to reopening the Lindbergh Baby kidnapping case, after “new, potentially explosive information about Harold Smith was provided to them by the BHPD.”

  20. Do they need Eddie Murphy’s help again to solve this crime. Seem like they are throwing dog shit against the wall to see if it sticks.

  21. This is why there are jails and senseless evil people who don’t want to abide by the law and want to bully, harm, kill, rape, steal and kidnap you are put there..

  22. dee cee, unfortunately fewer and fewer of the truly evil people — those in organized crime, drug gangs, etc. — go to prison. They get away because the are smart, have a system behind them, and because the police, legal system and government are both over-burdened and often inept.

    Prisons are — all too often — the final dumping ground for the disadvantaged and disenfranchised.

    Wouldn’t you rather see a Mafia boss who has had countless people killed, and been responsible for hundreds of incidents of sexual slavery in a certain cell rather than some poor desperate fool who held up a convenience store?

  23. Since they are obviously going for broke with this STEAMING PILE, don’t be surprised, as events unfold, if you find yourself watching an “expert” patiently explain how, yes, it is possible for someone to commit suicide by shooting himself in the back. Twice.

    You might think you have been transported somehow to The Twilight Zone, and, in fact, you have been.

  24. It’s too bad real life crimes can’t be tied up in an hour like they are on TV shows.

    Strom, you disgusting piece of shit excuse for a human being…you are the only person who sees race in any of this. You seriously need to get help for your obvious mental illness. Until then, please do the rest of us a favor and take your crazy elsewhere!

  25. Something Nice: you make utter and complete sense on all points. It’s obvious to me and apparently every other person on every other website that the wool is being shoved full force over our eyes but we are pushing it right back off at the same rate.

    Not only the absence of the 5 shell casings, but the rediculous idea that this very low grade criminal judging from what has been given to the public about his past, would successfully kill his believed rich target and then not take money, credit cards, jewelry, or the car. What was the whole POINT THEN? Just to randomly shoot a total stranger late at night far from anywhere you are known to be, and then pick up the shell casings and ride off on your bike without anything to show for it? WHY?

    And I’m with you about the family. It’s obviously where the money is going to go, and I agree with what you said about the brother and his years of writing. And all he can come up with is “road rage”??? And where does he get THIS idea? WHY would “road rage” not leave shell casings behind?

    Follow the smell of the money trail…

  26. There’s a new kind of crime “organized stalking” and it involves rings of con artists (sometimes family, sometimes just random bad dudes who find each other) who use and abuse and kill and cover up crimes that are perpetrated for cash or the promise of it. It sickens. There are so many so these types of “perps” out on the streets. I wish law enforcement would be more “educational” in informing the public about these particular types of “gangs” in America. I think Ronni Chasen was a victim of this type of gang stalking/killing/covering up.

  27. i agree with something nice on everything. i can’t even drive in BH without being paranoid about all the cops. and here’s a black guy who’s a perfect shot on a bicycle in BH and he has time to shoot her five times, pick up the casings and make it out there. something is not right with this picture.

  28. Casonia logenberry..Enough about Hells kitchen this people don't even know I am alive? But A.B.C. TV is taking off One life to live and replacing it a show call The Chew and..I say Screw The Chew and leave my Roger Howarth alone. says:

    There is no reason to take some one life. But there are crazy people out there who just do that and will kill themselves and freaky and strange and fearful this lady was and she had everything to live for and some Bastard just took her life for what? We will never know why? But Evil people are on this earth and they are making people suffer and love to bring on the Drama and Tramatize people and love one. May that Bastard Burn in Hell.

  29. First and foremost Harold Smith is not a loon he was my uncle and I dont believe that he killed her I think the police lied and said that he did it to just wash away her murderer. My uncle shot himself because he didnt do it and he knew that they would put him back in jail. He didnt want to go back there.

  30. Did Harold even hold a job or did he reply on theft and Obama support for his living?

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