brodycut.jpgBrody Jenner. Seems like he was just in Hawaii and now he’s in Cabo in the penthouse at Casa Dorada. Other hotel guests are very aware of his presence. On his first day at the pool he attracted plenty of women and infuriated the boyfriends they left alone on their lounge chairs. Thursday night was party night in the penthouse as Brody and his buddies made a huge racket partying till 4 AM. Another guest complained that he could hear drunk guys hollering and girls laughing and splashing and occasional glass breaking while they frolicked in their penthouse jacuzzi “like they owned the place.” Brody might have been filming for his “Bromance” reality show. (Bromance is defined as “affection shared by straight men”) Management went to quiet him down and there was a burst of arguing and yelling, but the noise was over by 5.AM.

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  2. Brody is the biggest douche in hollywood. Anyone who tatoos their own name on themself, gets my vote. By the time this guy is 35, he will be shinning my shoes.

  3. Can’t stand him or his “bro” Spencer. MTV/VH1 should be ashamed for giving them any air time.

  4. Don’t worry, his dick will rot off soon from the many and various germs and bacteria generated by all the sluts, hos, lows-lifes, and general scum of the earth that he hangs with.

  5. He can’t hold a candle to his dad. Never will. Brody is not the least bit good looking, but he surely thinks he is. Dream on, loser!

  6. He has no skills, it’s too late for college, and he’s set a pattern of doing nothing. So many of these people in southern California.

  7. McCain should use this douche to compare with Obama. Both are hacks (but then again so is McCain).

  8. He should thank Ray J for selling that tape of his sister Kim, he wouldn’t be getting all these offers and attention if it wasn’t for that.

  9. “What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul”….The Holy Bible.

  10. he is gorgeous. It’s a shame a guy with those looks is such a loser, the tats are horrific.
    Why doesn’t he enroll in a school and get an education?
    JC, this is an older photo.

  11. Janet,
    this guy is the biggest loser you have ever pictured on your site. I think the bird has a higher IQ than he does.

  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Yes, by all means. IT OFF

  13. Loser. Ho-wood party kids are the biggest waste of human skin ever. Ship them all off to Iraq to fight. Oh, sorry; Grody’d get his weak ass kicked in the first five minutes, probably …

  14. I love how straight guys are now having “bromances”. It’s about time that it is ok for men in this country to be able to show affection to one another without be labeled gay. That being said I don’t understand why Brody Jenner is even famous. He has done nothing except bag chicks on a reality show. He’s the male Paris Hilton.

  15. It wouldn’t surprise me if brody is suckin

  16. In the picture above, I am certain the parrot is saying “douche alert”.

  17. He has to tattoo his last name on his side. How else could he remember it?

  18. Really? You can always count on this site to get everything wrong! But what did I expect, when you grow up without class, manners, wealth, sophistication, you can’t identify it or with it. He is hot, rich, hung like a horse, and truely a great guy.

  19. He’s a slack poser and you’re ridiculous.

  20. The Jenner boys are ho-mongers and drunken dope-heads. Sooner or later they will come down to earth and find they have nothing.
    Uncle Sam should require these no-good bums to sign up for the Army, taught how to be a man at boot camp, and shipped out to Afghanistan or Iraq (as someone above said). They are a drain on society and their families, (if their families even really care).

  21. My God, I feel sorry for Bruce Jenner — how low he’s fallen.

  22. Bruce Jenner (face ruined by plastic surgery) and Linda Thompson (face ruined by plastic surgery AND Elvis 5 year live-in lover)…..Not the best parents on earth for Brody and his brother Brandon; they taught them no morals, no nothing, it’s pitiful really.

  23. We will down at that place in July, l have a very
    hairy chest and full head of hair. Main problem
    is l will be celebrating my 70th birthday and no
    longer quite qualify as a party guy.
    but in Cabo,it all gets crazy.

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