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Somehow we can’t imagine that Beyonce’s long-awaited wedding to Jay-Z fulfilled her girlish dreams. A white tent on the roof of her boyfriend’s apartment building with thirty people? Is that all there is?

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  1. Who cares about this besides the media?

  2. Well, word on the street is that Jay RUNS that relationship, so..

  3. Jay-Z is just so…well…ugly. And Beyonce is just so…well…whorish.


  5. Did they even get married?? Could it be that maybe she pressured him and he caved and did a half-assed job playing groom and didn’t want lots of people there??
    Or could they actually be modest and want a private affair??

  6. Both are asexual.
    She pretty much abhores men, loves fame and fashion and material wealth, her girlfriends and family.. and doesn’t want to marry anyone.. but knows he is sickly, her working partner.. and maybe about to die from neglect of bachelorhood,. if he doesn’t have a more healthy life.. so He better make a baby to inherit.. to uplift his spirit to survive and let her run his house, and health with her mom and sis.. So he knows she is about the only dis-interested ‘ho he could marry as he would really would rather not marry any woman.. or deal with co-habiting females.. at all, they will lead very separted lives with no problems at all.

  7. When will Beyonce learn how to enunciate? How can anyone stand to listen to her talk or sing? Could any couple be more boring that these self-absorbed people? Why do we have to keep reading about them?

  8. I think it was a pre wedding celebration or a party to celebrate the bazillion dollar business deal he just closed. I think that they just WANT everyone to think they are already married so in a little while they can go somewhere and have a huge wedding so that no one will looking for it. Either that or it is one of those idiotic Pop Fiction episodes.

  9. Most tents look the same on the outside, but you can bet it looked amazing inside. Stop hating.

  10. Most tents look the same on the outside, but you can bet it looked amazing inside. Stop hating.

  11. She ain’t hatin’, she speaks the truth, considering both of the no-talents are multi-gazillionnaires, couldn’t they have done it up better? He ugly and for the life of me, I don’t get where his records are all dat. Her’s either, they both suck.

  12. they are both over hyped douche bags. he is so busy tooting his own horn its ridiculous.

  13. Maybe Beyonce’s dream wedding was to have something private in front of her closest family and friends without the media intruding?

  14. Beyonce can kiss my black ass.she wears cheap yack hair wigs and she married a silver back ape.

  15. Nothing against the black race, but she speaks the language.

  16. I heard he beats her if she gets out of line. She isn’t allowed to say hello if mutual acquaintances come up to them.

  17. How can she wake up looking at him each morning when he’s around? hope she doesn’t have kids that look like him. Hate to run into him in an alley, he’s downright scarey looking…so ugly!

  18. Stupid married beast…she’s soooo dumb and really sucks as a singer, dancer etc.

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