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Ben Affleck is still on cloud nine since his wife Jennifer Garner gave birth to their first son Samuel three months ago. He can’t do enough for Jen so he surprised her with an unusual gift – a rare truffle! Jennifer is an amazing cook and she’s always shopping in farmers markets for special organic foods. Her wildest and rarest indulgence is the rare white truffle that‘s only available once a year and is about to come in season. This distinctively flavored truffle is more valuable than gold and costs over $10,000. It has a huge following among gourmet chefs around the world so Ben placed his order early. We’re glad Ben realizes how lucky he is to have Jennifer.
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  1. Ben probably realizes how close he was to disaster with J Lo and how lucky he is to have dumped her before more damage was done.

  2. Considering she left her marriage to be with him, he had better appreciate her!

    It’s good to see him concentrating on his family. There is NO greater gift!

  3. I love how she interacts with her children. They both seem like loving parents (but especially Jennifer Garner) because she just seems so happy to be with her kids. I love that.

    I hope they have a long and wonderful happy marriage.

  4. He is incapable of committing emotionally to anybody …so she overlooks everything and overcompensates in the mothering dept. and the fact that without him she has no career.

  5. Now THAT is love! No pricey piece of jewelry or clothing for Jen. Buying her something like that shows how much he really understands and loves her. I just love these two!

  6. With his many past daliances with women, strippers, and heavy gambling, I would not trust him. Truth be told, she is still a wee bit apprehensive about him. (just a feeling).

  7. Wow, 10 grand for a truffle, does it come with a steering wheel & GPS? Sounds like a lot of calories & extra sit ups.

  8. She is the most boring and plain Woman o Earth. I’m sure they never have coitus anymore

  9. Pippa: I agree.

    Somehow just to look at her picture is to be b.o.r.e.d.

    There were rumors that she tried for a boy to please Mr. wonderful, because their marriage was on shaky ground. We shall see what we shall see.

  10. I like them together, and she does look happy with her kids.

    BUT methinks Ben still plays the field.

    Jen does need to dress BETTER. She has the money.

  11. So glad these two talentless hacks found each other…..AND it is so good to hear that Ben (“I am just a regular guy”) can afford to spend 11K on a fancy MUSHROOM. Sounds a bit too much like let them eat cake. Shame on them when children are going to bed hungry all over the USA while they parade their children all over the tabloids to generate publicity for whatever crappy movie they are promoting.

    Her career is over anyway,her shelf life expired after kid #2

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