Never a dull moment in the CVS Pharmacy in Hollywood. A source told us that recently the alarm bells went off at the door as a customer was walking out with a bag full of purchases. Security stopped the shopper, who turned out to be none other than Winona Ryder! She showed the guard her receipt and he proceeded to check her bag. There were a couple of makeup items that were not paid for. Wide-eyed Winona said “I don’t know how that happened” and s
Note: Winona’s spokesperson commented “Nothing of the kind happened. It’s inaccurate. She (Winona) has no recollection of being in a CVS recently or otherwise.”

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  1. sounds like a bullshit story. Did you get this from Jackie Stallone???

  2. Winona Ryder is a kleptomaniac of LEGENDARY proportions here. Her antics, before and (evidently) since her felony convictions, have proved just how deep her affliction is.
    The stories about her Hollywood thievery — dating back a decade — could fill a book.
    For her sake hope that she’s at least confining herself to the petty stuff these days — i.e. CVS — as the judge in her Grand Theft case made it clear: If she screws up again, SHE’S GOING TO JAIL.
    Pity. She really belongs in a Psych ward.

  3. Too bad they didn’t prosecute the kunt. I would have. Or I would have taken her in the back and have her take off her panties and let me do naught things to her while taping it. Then I would have sold it for mega bucks and become RICH and famous like Parasite Hilton.

  4. This doesn’t sound true!
    If she had a bag, how did she get away with putting products that have a tattletale device stuck on them between the register & the door?
    Stores don’t put things that valuable after the register, on the way out.

  5. Sounds like she needs some FREE publicity and a CAREER pick me up.
    Last time she stole she got a movie role and I think it was her last.

  6. To clueless anonymous 7:27.
    Let me explain a simple method of stealing. It’s call pockets! Yes…Pockets. They can be on pants or shirts or even a jacket! You take said item and put it in your POCKET! If you have no more room in one pocket, you can use another POCKET! You then go up to the cashier and pay for the items you want to pay for and when done paying and walking out, you put items that you put in your POCKET into the bag! Voila! Easy peasy! It’s about as easy as someone drinking your milkshake!
    But it’s ok. God does make some people stupid like yourself. Hopefully you now have learned a new trick.

  7. Like a kid in a candystore! …Mind you, if I saw Winona in public, I’d be pretty tempted to slip things in her bag, wouldn’t you?


  9. 8:24, apparently that’s exactly what she hasn’t done!!!! (c’mon, you know you were asking for that…)

  10. This unattractive broad looks nuts out the eyes.

  11. what i never figured out was about all the hardcore injectable drugs she had on her during the first arrest. so little was made about that.

  12. One of Winona’s FAVORITE haunts is the DRUG Store and if she can pick a few things- up while there all the better!!!! All in a days work….

  13. Jackie Stallone?! Hahaha–hardly. WR is a notorious flake, and I can say this first hand as a former acquaintance of hers in mid-1990’s NYC. She is deeply entitled and 100% out of touch with reality (at least as I know it). And has she acted in anything notable since “Heathers”?? Just an overpaid and over-stayed LiLo, I am afraid.

  14. To clueless halfwit “I love Hot Karls”:
    Why the hell would you steal something, put it in your pocket & then transfer it to your bag after the checkout while still in the store?
    You wouldn’t!
    This story is bullshit!
    If the supposedly stolen items had remained in her coat & the tattletale device started ringing, someone would have checked out her bag, but unless someone working for CVS saw her take something & put it in her pocket, they have no right to detain her.
    There is a long series of case law on how you can detain an alleged shoplifter for the police.

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